Medical Genius Chapter 1507

 The agent called Old Seven, after being brought in by Tiger's men, confessed everything in less than half an hour.

                It turned out that this time, from the beginning to the end, it was Wan Chun Tang who had been behind the whole thing.

                And Yuan De, was the leader of these people.

                To put it bluntly, Wan Chun Tang was sniping at Xu Pharmaceutical, wanting to swallow the huge benefits of the Recycle Pill.

                These things were also within Lin Mo's expectation.

                But what he couldn't understand was where Wan Chun Tang's Recycle Pill came from.

                How could this exclusive secret recipe be known to others?

                Li Tiezui's side also moved quickly, and the information on Wanchun Hall was passed over.

                Lin Mo looked it over carefully.

                This Wan Chong Shan, who had started from nothing, was in the medicinal herb business, and had come to where he was today step by step.

                Looking at the information alone, there was nothing special about it.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be even more puzzled.

                This time, Wanchun Hall was coming on strong, moreover, Wanchun Hall was backed by the top ten families in Suzhou Province, and its strength far exceeded Xu's Pharmaceutical.

                Yuan De and other agents had all terminated their contracts with Xu Pharmaceutical, but why did Wan Chong Shan do the opposite and continue to cooperate with Xu Pharmaceutical?

                He knew very well what the consequences of his choice would be.

                However, he still chose to cooperate with Xu Pharmaceutical, what exactly did he rely on?

                In the midst of his doubts, Li Tiezui called.

                "Wan Chongshan's profile is a bit special."

                "The information between the ages of fifteen and nineteen for him is a blank."

                "On my side, I can't find out any information either!"

                Lin Mo was surprised, "What does this mean?"

                Li Tiezui said in a deep voice, "This is what's most abnormal!"

                "If even I can't find out information, it means that this person's identity, is really not simple."

                "In the Southern Six Provinces, there really aren't many people who can make me unable to find out information!"

                Lin Mo's face changed slightly, it seemed that this Wan Chong Shan situation was really not simple.

                The reason why he dared to fight so hard against Wan Chun Tang, it looked like he really had a lot of courage!

                However, since Wan Chong Shan continued to cooperate with Xu Pharmaceutical, then Lin Mo did not need to be too wary of him.

                "Old Li, don't look into the matter of Wan Chongshan for now."

                "You help me look into Wanchun Hall's side, their reconstructive pills, what's going on!"

                Lin Mo said.

                Li Tiezui: "This matter, I can look into it."

                "But, behind Wanchun Hall are the Ten Great Families of Su Province, my people, may not be able to find out too much useful information!"

                Lin Mo understood Li Tiezui's meaning, although his people were spread across the six southern provinces, it would still be difficult for his people to penetrate if the ten major families were involved.

                After leaving these matters to Li Tiezui for the time being, Lin Mo also took a rare break for a few days.

                He went to the hospital by the way. Nominally speaking, he was still the hospital doctor.

                When he returned to his office, Lin Mo found that it was cleaned and a bouquet of flowers was placed on the table.

                He was a little surprised, he hadn't been back for many days, what was going on here?

                Just then, the door of the room was pushed open and Chen Yu walked in.

                Seeing Lin Mo, Chen Yu was surprised: "Brother Lin, you're back!"

                Lin Mo was also delighted, "Chen Yu? What are you doing here?"

                Chen Yu laughed, "I've always been here."

                "Brother Lin, I'm also a staff member here now."

                Lin Mo was surprised, and Chen Yu hurriedly explained to him.

                It turned out that it was He Qianxue who had hired Chen Yu to help take care of that fund of He Qianxue's.

                He Qianxue's relief fund was getting bigger and bigger now, and had helped many poor patients in Guangyang City.

                Now, this relief fund has become a behemoth.

                He Qianxue had hired many people to help out, and Chen Yu was one of them!