Medical Genius Chapter 1506

 Yuan De was the leader of these agents and, moreover, he was the one who led this incident.

                If he allowed this agent to stay, then his prestige among these people would inevitably plummet.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that if this agent was left behind, then the things they had done would definitely be forced out by Lin Mo.

                When that time came, the matter between them and Wan Chun Tang was exposed, then they would have to become Lin Mo's enemy ah.

                However, at this time, Yuan De couldn't do anything at all ah.

                This was Guangyang City, which was Lin Mo's territory.

                If Lin Mo wanted to keep this agent, not to mention Yuan De, even Wan Chun Tang couldn't protect him!

                After a long silence, Yuan De said, "Mr. Lin, a sale is not benevolent."

                "Old Seven did break his contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, but that's only temporary."

                "You've left him behind now, and if this kind of thing gets out, in the future, people will only think that Xu Pharmaceutical is acting too overbearingly."

                "At that time, who else will dare to continue working with Xu Pharmaceutical?"

                By saying this, Yuan De was trying to use public opinion to suppress Lin Mo.

                If Lin Mo left this agent behind, in the future, he would be able to make a big announcement outside, saying that Lin Mo was overbearing in his business, thus destroying Xu Pharmaceutical's business.

                Lin Mo smiled coldly, he did not take Yuan De's threat to heart at all.

                The reason was that Xu Pharmaceutical would only work with the top ten families in Guangdong Province next.

                Other agents, he had wanted to gradually eliminate long ago, so how could he care about other people's opinions?

                "Mr. Yuan, if you think I'm being overbearing, then I'm really going to be overbearing for once today!"

                "Even if I were to let you all stay, what can you do to me?"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                Yuan De's face changed, he didn't expect that Lin Mo would be so stiff.

                He had originally wanted to threaten Lin Mo, but instead he had angered him.

                Now he was in trouble, and he was in trouble himself.

                He hurriedly smiled along and said, "Mr. Lin, you have misunderstood."

                "I ...... didn't mean that."

                "This ...... this Old Seven he was disrespectful to General Manager Wan just now, indeed he should not be."

                "How about this, Old Seven, you go and apologize to General Wan, this matter, forget about it, I ......"

                Without waiting for him to finish, Lin Mo said directly, "Here, we don't accept apologies!"

                "Yuan De, I'll only give you one chance."

                "Take the others and get out!"

                "Or else, stay with me all!"

                Yuan De's face was blue, but in the end, he didn't dare to say anything, so he could only take the others and leave in a hurry.

                That Old Seven's face was pale, he knew that he had been abandoned.

                Yet, he did not even dare to say a word.

                After all, it was Lin Mo he was facing now.

                Lin Mo ignored Old Seven as he first exchanged a few pleasantries with Wan Chongshan.

                Wan Chongshan didn't care about these situations and drove away straight away.

                At the scene, Old Seven and Lin Mo were left.

                Lin Mo didn't even look at Old Seven and directly waved his hand.

                Several people immediately rushed out from the side and directly took this Old Seven away.

                At the same time, the tiger also came out of the darkness.

                After this period of time, Tiger had become even more composed than before.

                Nowadays, Guangyang City was all Lin Mo's turf.

                Tiger's power, too, had expanded much more than before, and he was now the true king of Guangyang's underground.

                He was now, whether in terms of financial power or strength, already surpassed Chen Shengyuan.

                "Brother Lin, what else can I do for you?"

                Tiger's attitude was respectful, and he had always held an attitude of admiration towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo said softly, "Send someone to follow Wan Chong Shan, don't let Yuan De's people harass him!"

                Lao Hu immediately nodded, "Yes!"

                Lin Mo looked into the distance, and finally, took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Li Tiezui, asking him to investigate the identity of Wan Chongshan.

                Lin Mo always felt that there was something unusual about this Wan Chong Shan!