Medical Genius Chapter 1505

 Wan Chongshan glanced at these few agents before his gaze finally landed on Yuan De.

                "Elder Yuan, how I choose, it's my business, there's no need for you all to worry about it yet, right?"

                Yuan De smiled peevishly, "Boss Wan, we are all friends."

                "We can't bear to see you suffer in this matter, that's why we came to remind you."

                "How can you be like this, taking everyone's good intentions as malice?"

                Wan Chongshan arched his hand and said, "In that case, then thank you all for your kindness!"

                "However, if there are any consequences for a decision that Wan made on his own, Wan will naturally bear them alone."

                "Even if I have fallen this time, I will admit it and have nothing to do with you all!"

                With those words, Wan Chongshan turned around and was about to leave.

                Yuan De's face changed, and he gave a wink to an agent next to him.

                This agent understood and immediately rushed up to surround Wan Chongshan.

                "Stand still!"

                Wan Chongshan's brow furrowed, "What else do you want?"

                This agent said in a cold voice: "Wan Chongshan, when we came here, we agreed to cancel the contract with Xu Pharmaceutical together."

                "That way, when we go to Wan Chun Tang to sign the contract, we will get a discount from Wan Chun Tang's side."

                "But now you are actually not breaking the contract and setting us up, how can we settle this score!"

                Wan Chongshan's expression was indifferent, "I only said I would come with you guys to take a look at it at that time, I didn't say I would break the contract with Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                "Moreover, I have not had any contact with the people from Wan Chun Tang, and I don't know what exactly happened."

                "What I do is my own choice, and I'm afraid it has nothing to do with you all, right?"

                This agent was instantly annoyed, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

                "Because of you alone, so many of us have lost our discounts, how can you be so fucking reasonable?"

                "Wan Chongshan, I'm telling you, if you don't give me a satisfactory answer on this matter today, you'll never fucking walk out of here standing up!"

                Wan Chongshan's face was slightly cold as he looked at Yuan De, "So, you are still prepared to use force against me?"

                Yuan De was still smiling, while the other agents were staring at Wan Chong Shan aggressively.

                Looking at that stance, as long as Wan Chong Shan did not agree, they would immediately strike out against him.

                Just then, a cold voice suddenly came from behind, "Gentlemen, raise your heads and look."

                "This is still Xu Pharmaceutical's building, do you really think that I, Lin Mo, don't dare to kill anyone when you are causing trouble here?"

                Hearing these words, Yuan De's face instantly changed.

                He immediately turned his head to look, only to see a person slowly walking in the distance, and it was none other than Lin Mo.

                These agents were also instantly frightened and panicked.

                The reason why the crowd dared to force Wan Chong Shan here was because this underground car park was secluded.

                Moreover, they felt that after such an incident, Lin Mo would definitely not have the heart to pay attention to this side of the underground car park.

                Who would have thought that Lin Mo would come down as well!

                Yuan De hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, you have misunderstood."

                "We are just a few old friends chatting here, nothing more."

                "Mr. Lin, we'll leave you alone for now, we'll have a drink together later!"

                With those words, Yuan De hurriedly tried to turn around and leave, and several other agents also hurriedly followed and tried to run.

                Lin Mo smiled coldly, "General Yuan, you can leave if you want to."

                "However, the brother who threatened Chief Wan just now has to stay."

                "Wan is my partner in Xu Pharmaceutical, how dare someone threaten him on my Xu Pharmaceutical's turf?"

                "This matter, if I don't give Mr. Wan a statement, in the future, who will dare to work with my Xu Pharmaceutical?"

                Yuan De looked at the agent from before, and his face instantly became ugly to the extreme.