Medical Genius Chapter 1504

 Through the performance of the crowd, Lin Mo had already seen that this group of people, should be the ones gathered by Yuan De.

                This person, Yuan De, was also considered an old fox.

                If he gathered so many people, it was simply impossible to say that he did not have selfish motives.

                Perhaps, he just wanted to take advantage of the large number of people to make a fortune from Xu Pharmaceutical.

                Only, he was now afraid of Lin Mo and could only choose to break the contract, nor did he dare to extort Xu Pharmaceutical.

                Lin Mo gave Yuan De a deep look and nodded slowly, "Good!"

                "Hanxia, let them take care of the contract!"

                Xu Hanxia immediately went to arrange this matter.

                Yuan De stood up with an apologetic face, "General Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "In fact, I am eager to work with you, and Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "But, I'm really sorry for what happened this time."

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "General Yuan, there is no need to be polite."

                He secretly sneered in his heart, Yuan De was the most cunning person.

                He said he was so polite on the surface, but secretly, he had probably been in contact with Wan Chun Tang for a long time!

                However, Lin Mo did not care about this either.

                It was easy to break this contract, but if he wanted to sign it again in the future, it would be impossible.

                When the matter with Wan Chun Tang was finished, Yuan De and the others wouldn't even know how to cry!

                At this moment, Wan Chongshan suddenly stood up, "General Lin, I don't need to cancel that contract!"

                "I believe in your character, Mr. Lin, and I also believe in Xu Pharmaceutical's research and development capabilities."

                "Therefore, I wish to keep my share of the contract!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but glance at Wan Chongshan, he didn't expect that this middle-aged man, would have such vigour.

                At a time when everyone was cancelling their contracts, he actually continued to keep this contract.

                The other agents looked at Wan Chongshan, all of them with mockery on their faces.

                It was obvious that they believed in Wan Chun Tang more and all felt that Xu Pharmaceutical was finished this time.

                If Wan Chongshan kept the contract, and Wan Chun Tang sued him in the future, then he would have to go down with Xu Pharmaceutical!

                For Wan Chongshan to do so was simply seeking his own death.

                Even Yuan De glanced at Wan Chong Shan indifferently, with a hint of disdain in his eyes.

                Wan Chongshan's expression was calm and he did not pay any attention to these people.

                Lin Mo laughed aloud, "Mr. Wan, thank you for your trust!"

                "Since that's the case, Mr. Wan keeps that contract."

                "Mr. Wan, I hope we can work together happily!"

                Soon, Xu Hanxia's secretary brought all the contracts.

                Those agents, scrambled to sign the contracts first.

                Only Wan Chongshan, sitting with Lin Mo and drinking tea together, did not even look at the termination letter.

                When the matter was finished, the agents left and Wan Chongshan got up to say goodbye.

                Wan Chongshan walked to the underground car park, where Yuan De and the others were waiting for him.

                "Old Brother Wan, what are you doing today?"

                "Didn't we agree to break the contract together?"

                "Why are you backing out of the battle?"

                Yuan De said slowly.

                Wan Chongshan: "Didn't I just say that!"

                "I believe in Lin Mo, and I also believe in Xu Pharmaceutical's R&D capabilities."

                An agent said indignantly, "Wan Chongshan, what the hell do you believe in?"

                "Are you out of your mind?"

                "Wan Chun Tang in Su Province has already let it be known that the Recycle Pill was developed by them."

                "Do you think that a mere Lin Mo, a mere Xu Pharmaceutical, can compete with Wan Chun Tang?"

                Another agent nodded along, "That's right!"

                "I know, you think that Lin Mo is the pride of the wide province, so you want to flatter him, don't you?"

                "But, even if Lin Mo is powerful, he's only in Guang Province!"

                "Wanchun Hall, doesn't fear him at all."

                "Besides, Wan Chun Tang is one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in China, do you think Xu's Pharmaceutical can compete with Wan Chun Tang?"

                "You're still working with Xu Pharmaceutical, are you tired of living?"