Medical Genius Chapter 1502

 Xu Hanxia's face was blue and she was just about to speak when Lin Mo's voice came from behind her.

                "What do you want an explanation for? I'll give it to you!"

                When Xu Hanxia saw Lin Mo, she was overjoyed and hurriedly stood up, "Husband, you're back!"

                When the others saw Lin Mo, their faces all changed as well.

                These agents, although bouncing around a lot.

                But in fact, when they actually saw this venerable man of the Canton Province, they were still very much in awe.

                Even Yuan De Wan Chong Shan and the others, who had been sitting on the sofa just now, were now standing up and looking at Lin Mo with awe in their eyes.

                Lin Mo smiled and nodded towards Xu Hanxia, sweeping his gaze over the agents and walking straight to Xu Hanxia.

                "Everyone, you've all come together!"

                "What, is this a long-planned plan to join together and come to our Xu Pharmaceutical to cause trouble?"

                Lin Mo asked in a cold voice.

                Several agents looked embarrassed and looked at each other, and eventually all looked at Yuan De and Wan Chong Shan.

                The agents here were all originally dominated by Yuan De and Wan Chong Shan as well.

                Yuan De took a deep breath and arched his hand towards Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, you have misunderstood."

                "We're not here to cause trouble, we're here to reason with Xu Pharmaceutical."

                Lin Mo gave a light laugh, "Reasoning?"

                "Reasoning to make a scene like this?"

                "Standing here, pointing your finger at my wife's nose and yelling, this is how you reason?"

                Yuan De's face was a little embarrassed, just now those agents were indeed in a hurry, so they spoke a little heavily, which was why they had attracted these security guards.

                If it was only Xu Hanxia here, then that would be fine.

                But Lin Mo was not a good person, so how could he be polite to these agents?

                The agent who had shouted the loudest before had a swollen red face, he gritted his teeth and bent down and said, "Mr. Lin, I was wrong just now, I ...... am here to say sorry to you."

                "I ...... really didn't mean it either, you are magnanimous, don't be ordinary with me ......"

                Lin Mo sneered and ignored him, sitting directly on the sofa, "Hanxia, since Mr. Yuan and the others want to cancel the contract, then we can't stop people hard."

                "Go, have someone complete these formalities."

                "Oh yeah, and the breach of contract, by the way, have them calculate it ......"

                Xu Hanxia looked a little embarrassed as she moved to Lin Mo's ear and whispered, "That's what I just said."

                "But, they don't agree."

                "Moreover, they want us to pay for the breach of contract!"

                Lin Mo's face turned cold: "On what grounds?"

                At this moment, Yuan De spoke again, "Mr. Lin, since you're back, let's talk about this matter properly."

                "You were talking about the breach of contract, the reason why we had a dispute with General Manager Xu is also this matter of the breach of contract!"

                "Mr. Lin, I think that it should be Xu Pharmaceutical that compensates us for the breach of contract, not us compensating Xu Pharmaceutical for the breach of contract!"

                Lin Mo frowned tightly and said in a deep voice, "Yuan De, what do you mean?"

                "Now it's you who unilaterally want to cancel the contract and want us to compensate for the breach of contract?"

                "Are you bullying us?"

                Yuan De: "Mr. Lin, when we signed the contract at that time, it was written very clearly."

                "If it's because of one party's fault and causes damage to the other party, then the other party has the right to cancel the contract and, furthermore, can demand that the other party compensate for the breach of contract!"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice: "You mean that we have caused you losses?"

                "Heh, that's really interesting."

                "I'd like to hear what we've done that we've even caused you guys losses?"

                Yuan De looked at Lin Mo and said softly, "Mr. Lin, let me ask you a question."

                "Is this new drug from Xu's Pharmaceuticals indeed developed by Xu's Pharmaceuticals itself?"