Medical Genius Chapter 1499

 Hearing Lin Mo's words, the few family heads who were still speaking immediately shut their mouths.

                Lin Mo's strength had caused panic in the hearts of all of them.

                Lin Mo had already proven his strength in the last incident with the Wang family, and the seven great clans really didn't dare to go against Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo swept his gaze across the crowd, "Everyone, any objections?"

                The crowd shook their heads in unison.

                Lin Mo smiled gently, "In that case, then this matter is settled."

                "Master of the Huang Family, go out and make an announcement."

                "Tomorrow night, there will be a banquet at the Wanhe Hotel, a gathering of the ten largest families in Guang Province."

                The Huang Family Master immediately nodded his head and turned to walk out of the private room.

                Those family masters sitting outside saw the Huang Family Master come out and sat upright one by one.

                They knew that the results would be coming out soon!

                The Huang Family Master announced the names of the three families, and as the words fell, there were immediately some cheers and some sighs.

                There were eight families competing for these three spots.

                But in the end, only three families were selected, which meant that there were still five families that had lost out.

                The heads of these five families were all full of disappointment, but no one could change anything.

                The only person who could make the decision on this matter was Lin Mo.

                In the corner, Wu Lan was full of excitement.

                She took Tang Yuqing's hand and said excitedly, "Yuqing, your family has entered the top ten families?"

                "Aiya, great, congratulations!"

                "In the future, your Tang family's status in Guang Province can definitely be raised by a large margin."

                "Yuqing, from now on, you'll be the first lady of the top ten families, great!"

                When she heard this good news, Tang Yuqing did not feel the slightest bit of joy, instead, she felt even more remorseful in her heart.

                She sat on the sofa with a lost look on her face.

                Wu Lan didn't see the expression on Tang Yuqing's face and was still there muttering excitedly, "Yuqing, it's your old man who is still sitting still."

                "Look, all the heads of these families are here tonight, except for your Tang family."

                "Yet, in the end, your Tang family was selected, and most of these families who came, instead, lost."

                "Having strength is different, this is a sign of absolute strength!"

                "These families, not strong enough, even if they have the help of members of the Seven Great Clans, what can they do?"

                "The only one who really has the power to decide is Mr Lin Mo Lin."

                "The members of the Seven Great Clans won't be able to help much either!"

                Hearing these words, Tang Yuqing's heart became even harder to bear.

                Thinking back, the one sitting beside her tonight was indeed the Venerable of Guang Province!

                At that time, she was still angry with her grandfather's father's decision and felt that Lin Mo was not worthy of her at all, and she had never even looked at him with a straight face.

                But now, she realised that she was the one who didn't deserve Lin Mo!

                Many people would never have been able to get such an opportunity in their lifetime, but she just didn't care about it.

                She regretted it so much!

                If she was given another chance to do it all over again, no matter what, she would have to leave some good impression on Lin Mo!

                After things were settled, Lin Mo walked out of the private room.

                All around, people gathered around and scrambled to greet Lin Mo.

                These people here were the richest and most powerful people in Guangdong Province.

                Any one of them could be on a par with the Tang family's old man.

                And now, these people, in front of Lin Mo, were all respectful.

                Lin Mo exchanged pleasantries with the group, pulled Li Lin to his side and said aloud, "Gentlemen, next, I may not stay in the provincial city all the time."

                "If you all have anything to do, you can contact me through Lin Lin."

                "She is just like my little sister, so I hope that you all will take care of her in the future in the provincial city!"

                At these words, the whole room was shocked, and the crowd couldn't hide the shock in their eyes as they looked at Li Lin.

                Xie Ziming's eyes even lit up, and the way he looked at Li Lin grew hotter and hotter.

                In the distance, Tang Yuqing's expression was even more gloomy.

                How she wished that she was the one standing next to Lin Mo!