Medical Genius Chapter 1498

 Lin Mo loaded up the file and casually handed it to Li Lin.

                "Lin Lin, I'm sorry to trouble you, making you run so late at night!"

                Lin Mo said with a smile.

                Li Lin hurriedly said, "Brother Lin, you mustn't be polite."

                "Doing something for you, it's the right thing to do!"

                "Besides, you treat me like family, I ...... don't even know how I can repay you ......"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Since you're a relative, then you shouldn't think so much."

                "During this period of time, I'll trouble you with all the affairs of the pharmacy."

                "When this side of the pharmacy is on track, you can then go around to Guangyang and accompany my mother for a break."

                Li Lin hurriedly smiled and said, "Good."

                "Brother Lin, I want to go to Auntie Fang too."

                "Don't worry, on the pharmacy side, I'll do my absolute best!"

                Lin Mo nodded and suddenly said, "Lin Lin, you're not too young."

                "Sometimes, when you meet the right boy, you have to think about your own lifelong matters as well."

                Hearing these words, Li Lin's face instantly turned scarlet, but there was still some frustration among her eyes.

                In the past few days, several young masters in the provincial capital had actually been chasing her, a treatment she had never dreamed of before.

                And among these people, the one she liked the most was Xie Ziming.

                However, she was very clear about her status, the disparity between her and Xie Ziming was too great, she was simply not worthy of such a big young master!

                Seeing Li Lin's expression, Lin Mo knew what was going through her mind.

                Lin Mo said, "Lin Lin, you don't need to worry about anything."

                "If you call me brother, that's like being my family."

                "Within this Canton Province, whoever can get together with you, that's a high climb!"

                "Don't worry, no matter who you fancy, we will all support you!"

                The prince also gave a direct wave of his hand, "That's right."

                "After you go out, whoever bullies you, just talk to me."

                "Lin Mo is my brother, his sister, is my sister, I'll see who dares to bully you!"

                Hearing these words, Li Lin's eyes went straight to red, she was touched in her heart.

                With Lin Mo and the Prince's support, she was no worse than those big and small daughters of prestigious families!

                Lin Mo said, "Call in the people from those seven great houses."

                Li Lin immediately nodded and walked out of the private room.

                Xie Ziming was standing at the door, and when he saw Li Lin come out, he immediately put on a gentle smile, "Lin Lin, is there anything I can help you with?"

                Li Lin: "Brother Lin asked me to invite the seven great masters in."

                Xie Ziming smiled, "Oh, these small matters, just leave them to me."

                "You must be very tired after running all night, rest for a while first."

                "If there's anything, you can just tell me."

                Xie Ziming said, and tenderly helped Li Lin straighten her hair.

                Those rich girls around looked envious.

                Li Lin blushed scarlet, a man as outstanding as Xie Ziming was really something one could not refuse.

                When the seven family heads entered the private room, the Huang family head immediately said excitedly, "Mr. Lin, have you decided?"

                Lin Mo nodded and spoke the names of the three families that had been chosen.

                Among them, the Tang family was also being included.

                Hearing about the Tang family, the Seven Great Lords weren't surprised.

                The crowd already knew that Lin Mo had gone to the Tang family's banquet first tonight. Therefore, it was all too normal for the Tang Family to make it into the Top Ten Families.

                However, the other two families, there was some controversy.

                After all, these seven family heads, all had their own selfish motives.

                They all wanted the family that they were on good terms with to enter among the top ten families, so that they would have allies among the top ten families.

                Immediately after hearing Lin Mo's words, someone raised an objection and wanted to oppose those two families.

                Lin Mo's face was slightly cold as he directly said aloud, "Gentlemen, I hope you understand."

                "I invited you all here to inform you, not to discuss with you!"

                "If you all feel that there are other clans that are more suitable to enter the Top Ten Clans, then that is fine too!"

                "You will withdraw from the Top Ten Families and vacate your places, so they can come in!"