Medical Genius Chapter 1497

 In the private room, Lin Mo and Prince Li Tiezui were sitting together.

                There were only three of them in this private room.

                Everyone else, was not qualified to come in.

                Even the family heads of the seven great families had to sit outside and wait.

                Xie Ziming brought Li Lin into the private room on the pretext of bringing her over, and followed in himself along the way.

                "Mr. Lin, Brother Prince, Miss Lin Lin is here."

                "Do you two have any further orders?"

                Xie Ziming said respectfully, he mainly just wanted to make an impression in front of the two.

                The prince didn't even look at him, while Lin Mo gave Xie Ziming a deep look.

                Lin Mo knew very well what Xie Ziming really meant by doing this.

                "It's alright, thank you very much!"

                Lin Mo waved his hand.

                Xie Ziming hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, you mustn't be polite."

                "It's an honour for me to work for you!"

                "I'll be at the door, if there's anything you need, you can always instruct me!"

                Xie Ziming bent over and exited the room, but his face was one of unconcealed joy.

                With this excuse, he could take the opportunity to stand closest to the door.

                To outsiders, this would be tantamount to him being close to Lin Mo ah.

                Outside, when the Xie family head saw Xie Ziming come out, he immediately nodded towards him in satisfaction.

                A few other family lords, on the other hand, were all filled with exasperation; this time, they had let the Xie family get the jump on them?

                In the private room, Li Lin handed a file bag to Lin Mo.

                "Brother Lin, this is the information you asked for."

                Lin Mo took the file bag, inside it, was the information he had asked Ma Tiancheng to gather additionally about those big clans in Guang Province.

                The Seven Great Clans had given him a copy of the information, and Li Tiezui had given him a copy of the information, which was for him to redefine the other two clans.

                However, Lin Mo still asked Ma Tiancheng to gather a copy of the information.

                By doing so, he would be able to get a clearer picture of these clans.

                At the same time, he was also able to take the opportunity to test Ma Tiancheng and see which family he was close to.

                Whichever family Ma Tiancheng was close to, the information he prepared would definitely be more favourable to whichever family.

                There were simply too many factors that Lin Mo needed to consider when re-electing the top ten families.

                The most crucial point was that these families should not be allowed to be too close to those big powers in Guang Province.

                If the relationship was too good, it might lead to the top ten families joining forces with those big powers and not being easy to deal with.

                And the best result would be that the ten families would be at odds with each other and be suspicious of each other.

                In that case, the Ten Great Families and the major powers would not be able to unite and would not be able to get out of his control!

                All these truths were taught to Lin Mo by Li Tiezui.

                This old man, who seemed to be very lewd, was in fact as cunning as an old fox.

                With Li Tiezui by his side, it was much easier for Lin Mo to do his job!

                After reading through the information, Lin Mo basically had a general result in his mind.

                He handed the information to the Crown Prince: "Crown Prince, will you take a look at it?"

                The crown prince waved his hand, "Don't show me this, I hate reading these things."

                "What to decide, you do it yourself, I don't care."

                "Let's finish the whole thing quickly, it's time to sing, dance and drink."

                "Right, let's hurry up and let those beautiful women outside in."

                "It's cold and quiet in here now, just a few of us big men, what's the fun in that?"

                Lin Mo was speechless as he handed the information to Li Tiezui.

                Li Tiezui flipped through it and said with a faint smile, "This Ma Tiancheng, he's got a lot of guts."

                "The information given to you is laced with so much personal stuff."

                "This kind of person, can't be kept!"

                Lin Mo nodded calmly, he actually already had a plan, preparing for Tiger King to come to the provincial capital and take Ma Tiancheng's place!

                Next, their main battlefield would have to be in the provincial city.

                Therefore, the person who controlled the underground power in the provincial city had to be someone he could trust!