Medical Genius Chapter 1494

 Wu Lan shook her head, "Her family's condition is very average."

                "When she was in school, she even applied for a poverty allowance."

                Tang Yuqing gave Wu Lan a blank look, "Lan Lan, just don't joke with me."

                "She must be a young lady from some big family, right?"

                Wu Lan said seriously, "I'm really not joking with you, her family's condition is really average."

                "When she was in school, her monthly living expenses were less than five hundred dollars."

                Tang Yuqing couldn't help but freeze, her monthly living expenses now started at least a million.

                She simply couldn't imagine how on earth she should live on five hundred dollars a month.

                Wu Lan picked up, "At that time, we joined a club, that's why we met."

                "This girl is very kind-hearted, however, because her family is too difficult, so she often needs to go out and do part-time jobs."

                "At that time, I also introduced her to a few tutoring jobs."

                "Otherwise, she probably would have had trouble even going to school!"

                When Tang Yuqing saw that Wu Lan didn't look like she was lying, she couldn't help but be even more confused.

                "Arashi, you ...... are telling the truth?"

                Wu Lan: "Nonsense, what kind of relationship do we have, can I lie to you?"

                "After she graduated, she didn't even have a good time finding a job, she bounced around and changed several jobs."

                "I introduced her to her last job as a salesperson at the Ferrari 4S shop here."

                Tang Yuqing: "Then ...... how come she was able to drive the car in?"

                Hearing this, Wu Lan finally knew what Tang Yuqing meant.

                She smiled, with more than a hint of pride on her face, "You don't know about that, do you?"

                "This schoolmate of mine is lucky enough to have met a valuable person."

                "Now, she helps Mr. Lin Mo take care of those pharmacy chains he has in Guang Province!"

                "Counting up, she's also Mr. Lin's man."

                "Not to mention driving the car into Lan Kwai Fong, even if she knocked down the signboard of Lan Kwai Fong, no one would dare to stop her!"

                Hearing these words, Tang Yuqing's eyes glazed over.

                She had never dreamed that an employee under Lin Mo would have such status!

                Those fops in the provincial city were still standing outside, while an employee under Lin Mo had driven in, who could accept this?

                At the same time, Tang Yuqing couldn't help but recall the time when her grandfather and father had asked her to go to work at Lin Mo's place.

                At that time, she felt that it was a shame to go to work for Lin Mo.

                Now she realised that it was not a disgrace at all, but a great opportunity!

                If she could go to work for Lin Mo, no matter what she did, then she would be a person close to Lin Mo.

                She might be just like this Li Lin, also a person beside Lin Mo, so why would she be stopped outside tonight?

                When the time came, who would dare to treat her disrespectfully among these fops in the provincial city?

                Thinking of this, Tang Yuqing's intestines were turning blue with regret.

                She wanted to die here.

                Such a good opportunity, and she had turned it down just like that?

                It was really because she was so unlucky!

                By now, they had already entered Lan Kwai Fong.

                Tonight, Lan Kwai Fong was much colder than before.

                At this time in the past, the place was already bustling with activity.

                Tonight, there was only soothing soft music in the lobby.

                Apart from the staff, there were 30 to 40 people sitting scattered in the hall.

                Tang Yuqing could see clearly that these thirty to forty people were all big shots from this side of the Canton Province.

                Among them, the family heads of the seven great families were all here.

                In addition, a few of those were the top ten tycoons on this side of Guang Province.

                A few others, on the other hand, were the family heads of several large families in Guang Province.

                These families, also similar to the Tang family, were similar in strength to the Tang family and all wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to enter the top ten families.

                It looked like these people, tonight, were also running towards Lin Mo.