Medical Genius Chapter 1493

 The crowd was confused, wasn't this a road closure? How did this car get here?

                All of their luxury cars were stopped, what with the Lamborghini Ferraris and a whole row of them parked in the distance.

                Now, a hundred thousand-odd Buick Yinglang was driving over.

                The crowd was in an uproar, and some even looked at the security guards over there.

                And at this moment, those security guards were still standing on the road, still blocking the road.

                Obviously, it wasn't that these security guards hadn't stopped this car, but that they had deliberately let this car in!

                A girl beside Tang Yuqing couldn't help but say, "What's going on here?"

                "Didn't they say that no vehicles were allowed to enter?"

                "Why is this little piece of shit car allowed to drive in?"

                "How come my Ferrari can't come in?"

                Another girl immediately nodded, "That's right!"

                "Our car was stopped, so why not this one? Isn't that bullying us?"

                "Let's go and ask the security guards for clarification!"

                The crowd coaxed and even wanted to go to those security guards to ask them about the situation.

                Tang Yuqing was also full of indignation, her Lamborghini, which was worth more than ten million, was stopped as a result.

                This Buick Yinglang, which was only a hundred thousand or so, was driven in instead, what kind of sense was that?

                On the other hand, Wu Lan's eyes lit up as she directly pulled Tang Yuqing by the hand and said in a low voice, "Follow me!"

                Tang Yuqing did not understand the situation and was pulled by Wu Lan to rush to the road and stop the Buick Yinglang.

                The window opened and a girl poked her head out, saying in surprise, "Sister Lan?"

                Wu Lan also ran over with gusto, "Aiya, Linlin, it's really you!"

                "Yu Qing, let me introduce to you, this, is my schoolmate, Li Lin!"

                This girl, was none other than Li Lin who helped Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui with the pharmacy.

                Li Lin and Wu Lan were classmates from the same school and they had known each other for a long time.

                Wu Lan had a better personality and had helped Li Lin a lot when she was at school in the past, so they had a good relationship.

                And this Wu Lan later learned about Li Lin from her classmates and was shocked.

                She knew that Li Lin had now become a phoenix on a branch.

                And she had just told Tang Yuqing that she would take Tang Yuqing in, also because she had learned that Li Lin would be coming over tonight.

                She was planning to take advantage of Li Lin's relationship to bring Tang Yuqing into Lan Kwai Fong by the way.

                After exchanging a few pleasantries, Li Lin said curiously, "Sister Lan, what are you doing here?"

                Wu Lan smiled awkwardly, "We heard that Mr Lin Mo Lin, and the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng were here tonight."

                "So, we came over here to queue up and wanted to go in and have a look."

                "But there are too many people over here, and we both don't know if we can get in line yet!"

                Li Lin looked at the queue over there, pondered slightly and laughed, "Sister Lan, you guys are queuing up here, so how long do you have to wait?"

                "Why don't you guys come in with me?"

                This comment hit Wu Lan right in the heart.

                She pretended to be polite, but moved faster than anyone else, directly pulling open the car door and sitting inside.

                Li Lin drove the car and drove the two women directly into Lan Kwai Fong.

                Behind them, the young masters from the rich families in Guang Province watched them enter Lan Kwai Fong with eyes full of envy on their faces.

                Tang Yuqing followed behind Li Lin, her heart also a little excited.

                With the situation tonight, she was able to enter Lan Kwai Fong ahead of schedule, so she had made a name for herself in front of these dudes, enough to make those few rivals envious and jealous.

                As she walked into Lan Kwai Fong, Tang Yuqing came up to Wu Lan and lowered her voice, "Lan Lan, which family's young lady is this schoolmate of yours?"

                Wu Lan said blankly, "She?"

                "She's not a young lady, she's a student from a suburban county below."

                Tang Yuqing froze, "Huh?"

                "Out of a suburban county?"

                "So ...... then her family's conditions are good?"