Medical Genius Chapter 1491

 Tang Yuqing snorted, "Heh, Lan Lan, do you really not know, or do you fake not knowing?"

                "The one who exterminated the Wang family, that was the Sea City Poison Spider, what does it have to do with him?"

                "He was merely using the strength of the Prince of Sea City, he didn't do anything himself."

                Wu Lan looked around nervously and whispered, "Yu Qing ah, these words, it's fine for you to say them in front of me, don't spread them out."

                "You're saying that Mr. Lin is using the Prince's strength?"

                "Hehe, then do you know how Mr. Lin and the Crown Prince met again?"

                Tang Yuqing shook her head in bewilderment, how could she know these things.

                Wu Lan took a deep breath and said in a low voice, "My eldest uncle and the others live in Guangyang City, he knows the most about this matter."

                "Lin Mo and the Crown Prince, were originally enemies."

                "Lin Mo killed a dozen of the Crown Prince's men, and the Crown Prince went to Guangyang City himself in order to take revenge, ready to kill Lin Mo."

                "As a result, not only did the Crown Prince fail to kill Lin Mo, he was even captured by Lin Mo."

                "Later, the Poison Spider personally took action before he managed to save the Crown Prince."

                "And Lin Mo and the Crown Prince, of sorts, did not fight before they became good friends."

                "You said Lin Mo was relying on the Crown Prince? Heh, let me put it to you this way, Lin Mo's strength today is completely capable of fighting against the Poison Spider."

                "He doesn't need to lean on anyone at all if he wants to become the prince of Guang Province!"

                Tang Yuqing's eyes widened, her face filled with an incredulous expression.

                Previously, she had always thought that Lin Mo was just a puppet put out by the Crown Prince.

                Now, listening to Wu Lan's words, she suddenly realized that the information she knew was all wrong.

                No wonder grandfather and father had treated Lin Mo with such respect!

                This was the real big shot, this was the true respect of the province of Guang.

                Thinking about how she had treated Lin Mo tonight, Tang Yuqing was really panicking in her heart.

                Wu Lan whispered, "Yu Qing, what you said just now, it's fine for you to say it here with me, but don't say it in front of others."

                "This heart is separated from the heart, if certain people with a heart hear it and it gets out."

                "Let's not talk about whether Mr. Lin will do anything to your Tang family, at least, your Tang family's attempt to enter the top ten families will be completely out of the question!"

                Tang Yuqing's heart was shocked.

                She knew very well just how much the Tang Family had paid to enter the Top Ten Families.

                Given the Tang Family's situation, if they were able to enter the Top Ten Families, then the Tang Family's strength would definitely double.

                By then, the Tang Family would be able to become a truly significant major family in Guang Province!

                However, if because of her own words, the Tang Family could not enter the Top Ten Families, then she would be the sinner of the Tang Family.

                Thinking of this, Tang Yuqing was even more trembling and her face was pale.

                Seeing this expression on Tang Yuqing's face, Wu Lan patted her shoulder comfortingly, "However, you don't need to be so scared."

                "That just now, just the two of us heard it, it's not a big deal."

                "Let's think of a way to get in later, if we can meet Mr. Lin and say a few good words in front of him, then your Tang family, your hopes of entering the top ten families will be very high."

                Tang Yuqing's face became even more embarrassed.

                How could she have the face to meet Lin Mo again?

                Just then, a rich white beauty came over with a flowery face, "I heard that Mr. Lin isn't too old, he's about the same as us."

                "I wonder, which type of girl does he really like?"

                A few girls next to her burst out laughing, "Yo, you haven't even met Mr. Lin yet, and you're already thinking about how to hook up with him?"

                Not to be outdone, this rich white beauty laughed, "You guys are so beautifully dressed, don't you have this in mind?"

                The crowd laughed again.

                At this moment, Wu Lan bristled and said, "I think, you guys should just give up this idea."

                "Mr Lin Mo's wife, Xu Hanxia, is the number one beauty in Guangyang."

                "We, ah, all have no chance!"