Medical Genius Chapter 1490

 The other girls immediately burst into laughter.

                Hearing this, Tang Yuqing was immediately bored: "What kind of bullshit blind date is that? It's just an extremely ordinary looking guy."

                "But he also thinks highly of himself and has an arrogant look on his face, I get angry just looking at him."

                "Forget it, the more we talk about it, the angrier we get."

                As she said that, she swept her gaze over her girlfriends and suddenly noticed that they were wearing extraordinarily beautiful make-up today.

                "Wow, you guys are too exaggerated, right?"

                "How did you do this make-up? How did you do it so well?"

                "Did you get a special make-up artist to help you guys dress up?"

                "What for? You're going to chase away all the handsome guys from Lan Kwai Fong?"

                Tang Yuqing said in surprise.

                Several girlfriends looked at her and all laughed.

                One of them, Wu Lan, who was closer to Tang Yuqing, said proudly, "That's not true. We asked Xiao Yue's cousin to do the styling for us!"

                Tang Yuqing's eyes widened, "Xiaoyue's cousin?"

                "Isn't it the international make-up artist who specialises in make-up for top stars?"

                "You guys ...... are out of your minds, huh?"

                "It's just coming to a nightclub to have fun, is there a need to make such a fuss?"

                Several girls glanced at each other and laughed again.

                Wu Lan pulled Tang Yuqing to the side: "Aiyo my Miss Tang, do you really don't know, or do you fake not knowing?"

                "Do you know, tonight, who will come to Lan Kwai Fong?"

                Tang Yuqing shook her head blankly, she had been at home all day today, busy with the evening banquet.

                She really didn't know what was going on outside!

                At the same time, she was even more upset with Lin Mo in her heart.

                At the same time, she was even more upset with Lin Mo. Such a big event had happened at Lan Kwai Fong, and she didn't know anything because she was hosting Lin Mo.

                If she had known that a big shot was coming over here, she would have gone and done a good job of styling herself to make a good impression in front of this big shot, no matter what!

                "Who exactly is coming?"

                Tang Yuqing asked with some anticipation.

                Wu Lan smiled mysteriously and whispered, "I'll tell you, there are two big shots who are coming here tonight."

                "One of them, which you must have heard of, is the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!"

                Tang Yuqing's eyes immediately widened.

                The name of the Prince of Hai Cheng, she had not only heard of it, it was like a thunderclap!

                This was the figure that all the fops in the six southern provinces admired and feared the most.

                This almost perverted Crown Prince of Hai Cheng was enough to make all the dudes in the southern six provinces unable to lift their heads.

                Everywhere he went, those rich girls wanted to meet this big dude with a long-standing reputation.

                If they could make the acquaintance of such a big shot, their status would be raised by a huge margin.

                Looking at the provincial fops standing outside waiting anxiously, Tang Yuqing was even more annoyed in her heart.

                If she had known that the Prince of Hai Cheng was coming to Lan Kwai Fong, she should have gone to dress up a bit.

                She couldn't tell how angry she was at receiving Lin Mo and delaying the event.

                After cursing Lin Mo in her heart, Tang Yuqing continued, "You just said two big shots, there's another one, who is it?"

                Wu Lan smiled, "The other one, of course, is the one who has recently risen to prominence in our province!"

                Tang Yuqing didn't respond for a moment, "The Venerable of Guang Province?"

                Wu Lan: "It's Lin Mo, the one from Guangyang City!"

                Tang Yuqing's eyes widened, "He ...... is considered a big shot?"

                Wu Lan glared at her, "What are you talking about?"

                "Mr. Lin isn't considered a big shot, is he?"

                "Destroying the Feng family, the Wang family, scrapping the Xu family, the top ten families were crushed by him."

                "The pride of Guang Province, those seven great clans are now all subservient at his feet."

                "No one can be his enemy within Guang Province, do you think he's not a big shot?"