Medical Genius Chapter 149-150

 Chapter 149

A group of security guards rushed over and dragged Zhou Shao out directly without a word.

                His few lapdogs even tried to resist, but they were directly beaten up violently and all of them were honest.

                Ping was dumbfounded, this was the heir of the Zhou family, one of the top ten families, and he was thrown out like that?

                She had originally planned to use Zhou Shao to step on Lin Mo and save face for herself.

                Now, Zhou Shao was stepped on by Lin Mo instead?

                Moreover, looking at this situation, if Lin Mo wanted to, he could have kicked her out of Yi Pin Xuan at any time!

                How did this loser suddenly become a VIP of Yixinxuan?

                Manager Xie: "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry for disturbing you."

                "I've asked the waiter to rearrange a table in the supreme room on the top floor."

                "Why don't you go to the Supreme Private Room?"

                The crowd around them all exclaimed in amazement, the supreme private room at Yipin Xuan was even more upscale than the ninth floor of the Times Hotel.

                In the entire Guangyang City, there were almost hundreds of people who could go to the ninth floor of the Times Hotel.

                On the other hand, there were only a few who could enter the supreme private room of the One Piece Xuan.

                Even the young masters of the top ten families were not qualified to enter the Supreme Private Room.

                Now, Manager Xie was actually going to let Lin Mo and the others go to the Supreme Private Room.

                Did this not mean that Lin Mo's status in their hearts was even higher than the heirs of the Ten Great Families?

                Ping's eyes instantly lit up, she had heard of the Supreme Private Room.

                If she could get into such a private room, it would be enough for her to brag about it for the rest of her life.

                She hurriedly got up and said eagerly, "Lin Mo, since Manager Xie is so keen to arrange it, we can't waste someone's kindness."

                "Come on, let's go to the top floor, it just happens to be quiet there and I can whisper to Hanxia."

                Peter nodded back and pulled out all his mobile phones.

                This time when we went to the Supreme Room, we had to take more photos.

                In the future, if he went out with these photos, he would definitely get twice the result with half the effort!

                However, Lin Mo gently waved his hand: "Manager Xie, there's no need to be polite."

                "I'm not among those invited to this meal today, I'm just here to rub it in."

                "Other people, Mr Peter is an elite gentleman from overseas, with a gold card from Yipin Xuan, how would he be favoured by others?"

                "The tiger was scolded by him when he said he wanted to treat me just now."

                "If I were to force this arrangement, wouldn't it be a clamour to take away from the host?"

                Manager Xie was such a smart person, and once he heard Lin Mo's words, he basically guessed what was going on here.

                He gave Peter a deep look and nodded with a light smile, "In that case, then I won't bother you all with your meal."

                Manager Xie led the waiter away, and Ping and Peter, who had already stood up, were confused.

                The two of them were ready to go upstairs, so why did they suddenly stop going again?

                That was the supreme private room of Yipinxuan!

                Looking at the whole of Guangyang City, not many people could get in.

                Such an opportunity might not come in a lifetime, so they just missed it?

                Ping was annoyed in her heart, but in the end she didn't dare to get angry and could only whisper, "Lin Mo, you ...... are wrong to do this."

                "Manager Xie arranged the supreme private room, that is to give us face."

                "It's rude for you to refuse like that."

                "As the saying goes, reaching out and not smiling, don't you understand this principle?"

                Lin Mo glanced at her, "Then you were polite when you refused the tiger just now?"

                "You ......" Ping was speechless.

                "Forget it, let's eat!" Xu Hanxia rounded up.

                Ping was furious and ate with her head down for a short while, but Manager Xie came back.

                "Sorry for the interruption."

                "Mr. Peter, can I ask, your gold card, how did you get it?"

                Peter's face changed slightly, and Ping immediately glared, "This gold membership card, is my husband's, how else could this have come about?"

                "What do you mean?"

                Manager Xie: "It's like this, we just found out when we investigated the member's information."

                "The owner of this gold card is not Mr. Peter."

Chapter 150

Peter stammered, "I ...... I this card, is a friend borrowed ...... lend me to use, this ...... this can not be? "

                Ping immediately nodded: "Yes, it's a friend who borrowed it!"

                "Your membership card here, can't you lend it out?"

                Manager Xie smiled lightly, "Of course you can lend it out."

                "But we contacted the owner of this card and he said he had lost his membership card."

                "And, he doesn't know Mr Peter."

                "So, I just want to ask, Mr Peter, this card, how on earth did you get it?"

                At these words, the crowd around the room erupted in uproar.

                This Peter was a fraud, but he was also a thief?

                He even stole the membership card?

                Now all the girls who thought Peter was a gentleman were confused.

                Peter was considered tall and handsome, and with all the bragging just now, many girls had taken him as the standard for Prince Charming.

                And Lin Mo was in front of him, it was a stark contrast.

                Now, this Prince Charming, unexpectedly, was a liar and a thief?

                Thinking about it again, how ironic was his previous so-called gentleman, his so-called civilization.

                Peter: "This ...... this card, I picked it up ......"

                Manager Xie's face turned cold: "How can you just use a card you picked up?"

                "What is the difference between you doing this and a thief?"

                Peter looked embarrassed and lowered his head without speaking.

                Manager Xie said in a cold voice, "Since you are not members of Yipin Xuan, you are not qualified to enter Yipin Xuan!"

                "Drag the two of them out!"

                "Also, call the police!"

                Ping's face changed greatly, if this was a big deal, the two of them would definitely be finished.

                Luckily, at this moment Xu Hanxia stood up.

                "Manager Xie, why do you need to make a big deal out of it?"

                "This is my friend, why don't you give me a face?"

                "This meal tonight, even if I arranged it, what do you think?"

                To Lin Mo's wife, Manager Xie did not dare to be the slightest bit negligent, and hurriedly bowed.

                "Madam Lin, you are a diamond member of our Yi Pin Xuan, we will definitely do as you ask!"

                At this, the surrounding crowd exclaimed once again.

                Xu Hanxia, surprisingly, was all a diamond member of Yipin Xuan?

                Think about how that platinum member of Zhou Shao, who was arrogant and domineering here just now.

                However, who could have imagined that Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia. One was a Supreme Member and the other was a Diamond Member, these were truly deep pockets and big shots!

                Ping was now also embarrassed to the extreme, just now she had been constantly bragging about her husband's gold membership.

                Only now did she realise that the two people in front of her, any one of them, were a hundred thousand miles ahead of her husband!

                After this incident, Peter Ping was completely honest.

                After eating, the two of them left in a hurry.

                Tonight, the two of them had lost all their faces, and Lin Mo had taken a bite out of his anger.

                It was still early when they walked out of Yi Pin Xuan.

                "Hanxia, why don't we go and watch a movie?"

                Lin Mo said with a smile.

                Xu Hanxia's heart was sweet and she nodded slightly.

                Who knew that not long after the two of them had left, Fang Hui suddenly called.

                "Hanxia, where are you?"

                "Hurry back, your third uncle's family is here!"

                Xu Hanxia's face suddenly changed and she looked at Lin Mo helplessly, "Lin Mo, the movie can't be watched."

                "Or else, tonight you ...... you don't go home first, third uncle is here ......"

                Lin Mo frowned, he understood what Xu Hanxia meant.

                Xu Hanxia's third uncle's family was much more vitriolic than Fang Hui.

                They had previously tried to introduce Xu Hanxia to the son of a wealthy man for the sake of their own status.

                Because Xu Hanxia and Lin Mo got married, it ruined their plans.

                The two of them even ran to the house and made a big fuss, and were simply at odds with Lin Mo.

                Later, because of Lin Mo, he hadn't come for two years.

                Why did he suddenly come today?