Medical Genius Chapter 1489

 That security chief was also responsive enough, he quickly rushed over and directly grabbed Tang Yuqing's steering wheel.

                Immediately after, two cars rushed over next to him, blocking the road in front of him.

                In this way, if Tang Yuqing wanted to rush over, she had to crash into these two cars.

                Tang Yuqing was shocked and even more furious.

                She jumped down from the car and slapped the security chief in the face, "You want to die!"

                The security chief's face was embarrassed to the extreme, but looking at Tang Yuqing, he finally swallowed his anger.

                "Miss Tang, I'm really sorry, your car tonight, you really can't drive it in."

                "I'm not taking this personally, it's really ...... just that tonight's guest is too important."

                "Not only yours, look over there, even the cars of those young masters and young ladies from the seven big families, they couldn't drive in either."

                "I beg you to be noble and not make it difficult for me!"

                The security captain said respectfully.

                Tang Yuqing's brow furrowed as she looked to the side.

                Sure enough, a dozen familiar cars were parked not far away.

                As a senior fop in the provincial city, Tang Yuqing was most familiar with those fops in the provincial city.

                These cars, all extremely expensive limited editions, were the cars of the top fops in the city.

                The status of any one of them was not lower than her, Tang Yuqing.

                And now, even these people couldn't even drive their cars in!

                Tang Yuqing drew a breath of cold air, she finally understood why these security guards had to stop her.

                Or maybe, the status of that guest inside was really prestigious!

                She didn't dare to make any more fuss and threw the keys to the security guard next to her, "Okay, then you park my car."

                The security guard hurriedly ran over and helped Tang Yuqing park her car.

                Tang Yuqing approached the security captain and whispered, "The guest inside, who is it?"

                The security captain looked embarrassed, "Miss Tang, I really don't know."

                "I just came to work today and the boss came in."

                "He didn't say anything to me, he just told me to close the road."

                "The rest of it, I really don't know what's going on."

                Tang Yuqing frowned slightly, the more mysterious the identity of the person, the more terrifying it was!

                She didn't dare to say anything more, she could only walk towards Lan Kwai Fong, she really wanted to meet these big shots.

                When she arrived at the entrance side of Lan Kwai Fong, Tang Yuqing found that there was a long queue at the entrance.

                Such a situation was very common in the past, and this kind of nightclub was not something you could get into just because you wanted to.

                Unless you were a valued customer, you would have to queue up to enter.

                Tang Yuqing originally planned to go straight in, but she saw a few familiar faces in that queue.

                A few of them were famous fops from this side of the province, and three of them were even the young masters and young ladies of the ten largest families in the province.

                Tang Yuqing's heart thudded, even they were in the queue here, so she probably wouldn't want to get in.

                Fortunately, she saw a few girlfriends standing over here, so she hurriedly ran over.

                These girlfriends were all heirs of some of the biggest families in the province, and were absolute celebrities in the city.

                A few girls greeted each other and one of them laughed, "Yu Qing, what are you doing at home? What time is it and you've only just come over?"

                "Aren't you afraid you'll be late?"

                Speaking of it, Tang Yuqing was filled with displeasure.

                She waved her hand indignantly and said with a chilly face, "Hey, don't mention it."

                "I've been locked up at home by my dad all day today, and I'm dying of worry."

                "I wanted to run away a long time ago, but they wouldn't let me."

                "In the evening, they even forced me to go to a banquet and asked me to help entertain a guest."

                The other girl immediately laughed, "What kind of guest do you have to entertain that you, the Miss Tang family, have to come out personally?"

                "It's not like your family is looking for a blind date for you, is it?"

                "What's up, which young master is it, is he handsome?"

                "Is he good enough for our Miss Tang family?"