Medical Genius Chapter 1488

 Tang Yuqing looked unconvinced, "This is an opportunity?"

                "Whoever thinks this is a good chance, you let them go."

                "Anyway, I'm definitely not going!"

                The Tang Family Head was so angry that he rolled his eyes, and in the end, he could only waved his hand helplessly.

                "That's just it."

                "Suit yourself!"

                "I don't care about you that much, do what you want!"

                "Anyway, you remember what your grandfather said."

                "No matter what you do, don't mess with Mr. Lin, or his family and friends."

                "Otherwise, I'll be the first to let you off!"

                After saying that, the Tang family head left in a huff.

                Tang Yuqing was full of defiance and also went downstairs with a huff.

                Getting into the limited edition Lamborghini, Tang Yuqing sped all the way to Lan Kwai Fong.

                This was a place she had to come to every day. As the highest-end nightclub in the provincial city, it brought together the dudes from all the big families every night.

                As usual, Tang Yuqing wanted to rush her car straight to the entrance of Lan Kwai Fong and then ask the parking boys here to park it for her.

                As the eldest Miss of the Tang family, Tang Yuqing was one of the top fops in Guangdong Province, and she still had a lot of respect in this Lan Kwai Fong.

                However, the situation today was completely out of her expectation.

                When her car was still more than 300 metres away from Lan Kwai Fong, it was stopped by someone.

                When she fixed her eyes, the person who stopped her was also the security guard of this Lan Kwai Fong.

                Even the owner of Lan Kwai Fong had to respectfully call her "Miss" when she saw her.

                How could this little security guard stop her?

                Tang Yuqing lowered the car window and said angrily to the security guard, "What are you doing?"

                "Can't you see it's my car?"

                The security guard naturally knew Tang Yuqing, and he hurriedly walked over with a smile, "Miss Tang, I'm really sorry."

                "The road is closed in front, the boss has instructed that all vehicles coming over, cannot drive in."

                "Why don't you get off here and I'll park the car for you?"

                Tang Yuqing was annoyed: "What do you mean all cars can't drive in?"

                "Do you mean that not even my car, Tang Yuqing's, can be driven in?"

                The security guard looked embarrassed, "Miss Tang, I'm really sorry."

                "Everyone's car, no one can drive in!"

                Tang Yuqing was furious: "Say that again!"

                "How dare you stop me Tang Yuqing?"

                "Go and ask your boss, does he dare to stop me!?"

                The security guard's expression was a little panicked, but his attitude was still firm: "Miss Tang, I'm really sorry, all cars are not allowed in, this is what the boss personally ordered!"

                "You don't want to make things difficult for me!"

                Tang Yuqing had never been treated like this before, she couldn't help but be furious, "I'm making it difficult for you?"

                "You're simply slapping me in the face!"

                "Go, ask your boss to come over, I'll ask him personally, who gave him the guts to stop my Tang Yuqing's car?"

                The guard was a little hesitant, and just then, the head of security came over behind him.

                "What's wrong?"

                The security captain asked.

                As soon as Tang Yuqing saw this captain, she immediately came to life: "You came just in time!"

                "Come, come, come, explain to me, how on earth do you discipline these men of yours?"

                "How dare you even stop my car?"

                "What, you don't know me, Tang Yuqing?"

                When the security chief saw Tang Yuqing, he hurriedly smiled, "Oh, so it's Miss Tang, I'm really sorry."

                "Miss Tang, it's like this, the shop is entertaining some distinguished guests tonight, your car, it really can't be driven in."

                "How about I personally park your car for you?"

                Tang Yuqing was furious, it wasn't even a question of who would park her car for her!

                She couldn't drive the car in now, this was a loss of face, how could she stand this kind of anger?

                "Get lost!"

                Tang Yuqing scolded angrily, fiercely starting the vehicle, ready to charge straight in.