Medical Genius Chapter 1487

 Tang Lao glanced at her and said softly, "Your father just had the cheek to go to all that trouble to beg Mr. Lin to take you in and let you work at the pharmacy."

                "Mr. Lin was all set to say yes, but as a result, you flatly refused."

                "Would you say that you are not blessed with a shallow fortune?"

                Tang Yuqing was full of resignation, "Grandpa, what kind of blessing is this ......?"

                "I'm at least the first lady of our Tang family, right, and I'm going to work at his pharmacy? What am I going to do?"

                "Even if I were to become the chairman of his pharmacy, it would be too much to ask!"

                "If I were to become an ordinary employee, wouldn't that be a disgrace to our Tang family?"

                The Tang family head was furious, "What the hell do you know!"

                "You think you can go to that pharmacy just because you want to?"

                "Do you know how many big families in Guangdong Province want to put their sons and daughters to work in that pharmacy?"

                "Do you ...... still feel ashamed?"

                Tang Yuqing looked unconvinced, "Dad, who are you fooling?"

                "I just don't believe it, which son of a big family would be willing to work in a pharmacy?"

                "I know, you guys think this Lin Mo is capable and want to flatter him, don't you?"

                "But do you know that the Wang family was wiped out by the Poison Spider, and it was the Prince of Hai Cheng himself who did it, what does this have to do with him, Lin Mo?"

                "The way I see it, he's just a puppet introduced by the Crown Prince of Sea City, do you guys have to be so afraid of him?"

                Hearing these words, both the Tang family head and Tang Lao's face changed.

                Both of them stood up at the same time, and the Tang family head angrily scolded, "Shut up!"

                Tang Lao's face was even colder as he said in a deep voice, "Yu Qing, who told you these words?"

                Tang Yuqing's face turned miserable white, she didn't expect that even her grandfather, who had always doted on her the most, would be cold-faced.

                She said in a trembling voice, "No ...... no one told me ......"

                "But ...... but that would have been the truth!"

                "Everyone knows that the Wang family was wiped out by the poisonous spiders."

                "This ...... this Lin Mo, what did he do ah?"

                Tang Lao glared deeply at her and said in a deep voice, "From today onwards, never say such things again!"

                "I don't care what exactly you're doing out there, or how you really are!"

                "Anyway, you remember that for me."

                "Within this Canton Province, you can mess with anyone, but you can't mess with Lin Mo, or his family and friends!"

                "Otherwise, get the hell out of the Tang family, and I'll pretend I don't have you as a granddaughter!"

                Tang Yuqing's face was full of shock, she didn't expect that her casual words would cause her grandfather to lose his temper so much.

                Even the words of expulsion from the family could be uttered, which showed how angry Tang Lao really was!

                She was so frightened that she didn't dare to say a word.

                Tang Lao got up and slowly walked away, not even looking at her again from the beginning.

                The Tang family head walked behind, he gave Tang Yuqing a look and sighed, "Yuqing, it's all because I've spoiled you."

                "Had I known this, I shouldn't have let you come tonight."

                "Thanks to that, I begged the old man for days to bring you to the banquet."

                "To end up with this result, hey!"

                Tang Yuqing was a little resigned, "Dad, I ...... what exactly did I do wrong?"

                "I didn't want to come to this kind of banquet either."

                "You guys were the ones who had to bring me here, can you blame me for that?"

                "Besides, you asked me to work in his pharmacy, did you discuss it with me?"

                "I'm at least a senior medical student, am I ashamed of myself for going to work in a pharmacy?"

                "Where the hell is my Miss Tang Family's face going to be?"

                The Tang family head said with hatred, "Face?"

                "If you really go to Mr. Lin's pharmacy, in the future, you'll only be considered to have face in Guang Province!"

                "It's just a pity that such a good opportunity, the opportunity I gave up this old face to help you beg for, is just wasted by you, hey!"