Medical Genius Chapter 1486

 Several people were waiting for Lin Mo's answer, and no one expected that Tang Yuqing would be the first to object.

                Old Tang and the Tang family head's faces changed at the same time, and both of them looked at Tang Yuqing in unison.

                "Yuqing, what did you say?"

                The Tang family head was furious, if it wasn't for the fact that Lin Mo was here, he would have only been furious on the spot.

                Tang Yuqing was extremely annoyed in her heart.

                She was the Tang family's eldest young lady, a senior student of medicine.

                With a status like hers, after she got out, she could at least join the family company as a vice president or something.

                Now, her father was proposing to let her work in Lin Mo's pharmacy, wasn't this making her look bad?

                But Tang Yuqing didn't dare to disobey her father and said in a low voice, "Dad, I ...... haven't graduated yet ......"

                "I still plan to further my studies for a few more years, for the time being ...... I don't plan to come out to work for the time being ......"

                The Tang family head said indignantly, "Further training in what?"

                "If Mr. Lin can let you go to his pharmacy, this is your blessing."

                "Where are you qualified to speak here?"

                Tang Yuqing was annoyed to the core, gritting her teeth and not speaking, her heart becoming even more discontented with Lin Mo.

                The Tang family head looked at Lin Mo with a smile, "Mr. Lin, my little daughter doesn't understand things, you shouldn't be normal with her."

                "All these years, it's also because we have spoiled her."

                "Why don't we let her go to your pharmacy and you help us discipline her?"

                Lin Mo gave Tang Yuqing a deep look and said softly, "Miss Tang wants to study and learn, this is quite a rare thing."

                "Master of the Tang Family, why do you need to force others to do so?"

                The Tang Family Head still wanted to speak, but was stopped by Elder Tang with a look.

                Tang Lao knew very well that Lin Mo had already considered it a refusal by saying the words to this extent.

                If the Tang family head continued to speak again, he would only be asking for trouble.

                Next to him, Yang Yong glanced at Tang Yuqing with disdain.

                This Yang Yong was so discerning that he could naturally see what Tang Yuqing had in mind.

                He knew that Tang Yuqing's so-called pursuit of education was a complete excuse, she just couldn't see the job at Lin Mo's pharmacy.

                Yang Yong laughed in his heart, this Tang Yuqing had really missed out on a great opportunity!

                At the end of the banquet, the Tang family sent Lin Mo and Yang Yong away.

                After that, the Tang family members returned to their rooms.

                Tang Yuqing had just entered and stretched straight out, saying with an impatient face, "Dad, can I not be involved in things like this in the future?"

                "I hate this kind of scene of socialising!"

                "I don't even know this person, what do you want me to sit here for?"

                When the Tang family head saw her like this, he was furious and raised his hand to fling a slap over, "Shut up!"

                "You want to piss me off!"

                Tang Yuqing hurriedly dodged away with a frightened look on her face, "Dad, you ...... what are you doing?"

                Ever since she was little, she had been especially spoiled in the family, the Tang family head had never hit her before!

                The Tang family head was full of anger: "What am I doing?"

                "I'll beat you to death today, you unfilial daughter!"

                Tang Yuqing was so frightened that she backed up, but luckily, at that moment, Tang Lao walked in.

                Tang Yuqing hastily hid behind Old Man Tang: "Grandpa, look at my father, I spoke to him for a good reason and he ...... he wants to hit me ......"

                "You control him, why is he so unreasonable?"

                Tang Lao waved his hand and told the Tang family head to go back and sit down.

                He looked at Tang Yuqing and sighed despondently, slowly shaking his head.

                "Forget it, forget it."

                "We've done our best, as parents, you've done what you should have done."

                "She can't grasp it herself, that's her own shallow fortune, no one else is to blame!"

                Elder Tang said softly.

                The Tang family head also sighed ruefully, slowly shook his head and sat down next to him.

                Tang Yuqing, on the other hand, was full of indignation, "Grandpa, what are you talking about?"

                "What am I blessed with a shallow fortune?"

                "What have I done, you ...... how can you say that about me?"