Medical Genius Chapter 1485

 When they saw Lin Mo, the Tang family members were also full of excitement.

                Lin Mo, however, had a calm face and greeted Yang Yong.

                Yang Yong was even more delighted as he hurriedly introduced the Tang family members to Lin Mo.

                After exchanging pleasantries, the group went upstairs to sit in a private room.

                Although there were quite a few people from the Tang family, there were only three people who could eventually sit in this room.

                One was Elder Tang, one was the Tang family head, and the other was Elder Tang's granddaughter, Tang Yuqing.

                This Tang Yuqing was extremely beautiful and had a long-standing reputation in the provincial city, and many of the gentry were pursuing her.

                Master Tang attaches special importance to Tang Yuqing and has extremely high requirements for her.

                Tang Yuqing has been trained in various manners since she was a child, and the way she moves her hands and feet shows the aura of an upper-class celebrity.

                Master Tang specially arranged for her to sit next to Lin Mo and pour tea and wine for him.

                Tang Yuqing appeared to be well-behaved, but in fact, she had been quietly observing Lin Mo.

                Honestly, before she met Lin Mo, Tang Yuqing's heart was still full of expectations.

                During this period of time, she had heard people from her family mention Lin Mo's name countless times and had long been expecting this big shot who could dominate the province.

                However, when she met Lin Mo, she was still very disappointed in her heart.

                In her heart, she had always felt that Lin Mo should be like those male protagonists in the movies, handsome and dashing to the extreme.

                However, the current Lin Mo looked ordinary, not the least bit special, not even as good as the sons of the family she had seen.

                She really couldn't understand why the Tang family would treat such an ordinary man with such respect!

                Lin Mo did not care about this woman, although Tang Yuqing was pretty, she was nowhere near as pretty as Xu Hanxia.

                In Lin Mo's eyes, she was similar to a maid pouring tea, so how could she make Lin Mo care?

                After three rounds of wine, Tang Lao took the opportunity to raise the matter of joining the Ten Families with Lin Mo.

                The Tang family's posture was very low and they were very respectful to Lin Mo. Moreover, in their words, Tang Lao also clearly indicated that their Tang family was subservient to Lin Mo.

                Therefore, Lin Mo did not refuse and agreed on the spot to allow the Tang Family to join the Ten Great Families.

                Upon receiving this affirmative reply, Tang Lao and the Tang family head could not help but be extremely excited and thanked Lin Mo one after another.

                As for Tang Yuqing, she felt that her father and grandfather had made a bit of a fuss.

                In her opinion, the Tang Family had every strength to enter the Top Ten Families.

                Previously, because of the feud with the Wang family, the Tang family had not been able to enter the top ten families.

                Now that the Wang family was all gone, it was not difficult at all for the Tang family to enter the top ten families.

                Therefore, she felt that there was absolutely no need for her father and grandfather to curry favour with Lin Mo in this way.

                Moreover, after observing Lin Mo for such a long time and finding that there was nothing special about him at all, she felt that Lin Mo was even more vain.

                In her heart, she was actually somewhat scornful of Lin Mo.

                She felt that the reason why Lin Mo was able to destroy the Wang family was because of the help of the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng.

                Relying on Lin Mo alone, how could he have the strength to do that?

                She even felt that Lin Mo was just a puppet put out by the Crown Prince of Sea City, not worthy of such attention from the Tang Family at all!

                However, neither Tang Lao nor the Tang Family Master, could see what Tang Yuqing was thinking.

                The Tang family head gave Lin Mo a toast and took advantage of his wine to smile, "Mr. Lin, I heard that your pharmacy, recently, is recruiting people?"

                "My little daughter is quite accomplished in medicine, too."

                "Why don't you let my daughter go to your shop and help out a little bit first, to experience the experience?"

                Chief Yang smiled, he knew that the Tang family head was trying to take advantage of the opportunity to draw closer to Lin Mo.

                If Tang Yuqing went to Lin Mo's pharmacy, then she would be one of their own in the future, and the relationship between the Tang family and Lin Mo would be able to get one step closer.

                Hearing these words, Tang Yuqing's face immediately changed and she said urgently, "No!"