Medical Genius Chapter 1482

 Lin Mo left the seven great family lords behind to discuss the next matter together.

                This time, when the Wang family was destroyed, everything that the Wang family owned, someone would naturally have to take over.

                There was also the question of how to divide up half of the Xu family's assets, which had to be handed over.

                Lin Mo's proposal was simple: half of the Wang Family's assets would be given to the Poison Spider. The rest, the seven great clans would share equally!

                As for the Xu Family's half of the assets, Lin Mo would have to take it personally!

                When the seven great clan lords heard Lin Mo's distribution plan, they were all pleasantly surprised as well.

                One had to know that none of them had originally thought that they would be able to get any benefits from it.

                After all, the current them were not qualified to bargain with Lin Mo at all.

                The Wang family had been exterminated by Lin Mo, and the assets of the Xu family had also been forced by Lin Mo to hand them over.

                The seven great clans had basically done nothing.

                Now, they were actually able to divide half of the Wang Family's assets, which was like a good thing falling from the sky.

                The seven great clan lords were happy and thanked each other repeatedly, and were even more glad that they had made the right choice.

                If they hadn't chosen to side with Lin Mo at that time, it might have been their assets that were being divided up now, and how could they have received such a benefit?

                Let's not even talk about whether Lin Mo's Xu Pharmaceutical's medicine was real or not, just the assets that were divided up among the Wang family would have been enough for the seven clans to make a huge profit.

                No matter how one looked at it, they had made the best decision this time!

                After dealing with these matters, Lin Mo then discussed with them about the agency of this reconstructive pill.

                Previously, Yuan De Wan Chong Shan and the others, had already obtained some agency rights from Lin Mo, but that was only for a short period of time.

                Moreover, those agency rights only covered some provinces in China.

                Next, Lin Mo was going to give all the agency rights to the seven great clans to take care of.

                In this way, the interests of the Seven Families could be firmly tied to the Xu Pharmaceuticals and Lin Mo.

                Only when their interests were tied together would these people be able to work for Lin Mo with all their hearts.

                After some deliberation, in the end, the seven great clans reached an agreement, and this huge division of interests was finally achieved.

                Of course, if the Seven Great Clans could make money, Lin Mo and Xu Pharmaceutical, would be able to make even more money.

                The Seven Great Clans were just agents, just responsible for sales, and to put it bluntly, they were working for Lin Mo and for Xu's Pharmaceuticals.

                However, as long as there was enough profit, the Seven Great Clans, did not care at all about what they did.

                If they could earn so much money, even if they were working for Xu Pharmaceutical, it would be worth it!

                When everything was arranged, it was already dark.

                Lin Mo left first, leaving the aftermath to the Seven Great Clans to deal with.

                Without the Wang family, the Seven Families were the most powerful forces in the provincial capital, so they could handle this small matter without any problem.

                Lin Mo rushed straight to the clubhouse where the prince lived. The poisonous spider had helped a lot in this matter, and he wanted to thank the spider in person.

                When the prince arrived at this clubhouse, he directly occupied the most luxurious private room on the top floor.

                Lin Mo had been here twice before, so when he arrived, he took the lift directly to the private room on the top floor.

                After entering the room, Lin Mo found that the Crown Prince and Li Tiezui were already sitting here.

                He greeted the two and asked, "Crown Prince, where's Auntie?"

                "Auntie was a great help in this matter, I want to say thank you to her personally."

                Before the prince could say anything, a voice came from inside the house, "Who do you call auntie?"

                Lin Mo looked up and saw a woman with an enchanting figure, slowly walking out of the inner room.

                The woman had a deep scar on her face, but it did not affect her beauty in any way.

                On her snow-white bare feet was tied a red rope with a worn brass bell on top.

                This woman was no other than the poisonous spider who was so ravishingly beautiful in the sea city!