Medical Genius Chapter 1478

 Originally, the other six family masters were still in shock, they had never expected that the Huang family master would support Lin Mo with such a clear attitude.

                In their opinion, the Huang family head was just a small person who was obsequious and basically had little say in the Ten Great Families, how could he dare to do such a thing?

                However, upon hearing Lin Mo's words, the faces of these six family masters immediately changed.

                At this moment, they finally understood what the Huang Family Head meant.

                The Huang Family Master, this was to curry favour with Lin Mo!

                This time, with the Poison Spider involved, the Wang Family was definitely finished.

                At this time, the Huang Family Master chose to help Lin Mo, not only was there not the slightest danger, but he could also gain Lin Mo's gratitude and more benefits in the future.

                Not to mention anything else, the profits from Xu's Pharmaceutical's new drugs alone were simply too big.

                Whoever could get an extra share, that might be nearly ten billion dollars of income.

                At this time, by choosing to help Lin Mo, one would be able to get more benefits in the future.

                The six people were cursing in their hearts that this Huang family master was too cunning to have gotten a head start.

                And not willing to be outdone, they scrambled to give orders for their own people to protect Lin Mo.

                There were even orders for people from their own families to deal with those from the Wang Family.

                Anyway, in the end, all the seven great family lords were on Lin Mo's side.

                Seeing this scene, Wang Xingyun was desperate.

                He had originally wanted to use the large number of people to bully Lin Mo, but now that the seven great clans were all on Lin Mo's side, there were far more people than him.

                Today, he couldn't kill Lin Mo at all!

                Wang Xingyun smiled forlornly and suddenly cursed angrily, "You treacherous brutes!"

                "Do you all think that you can take much advantage of Lin Mo by helping him today?"

                "I'm telling you all, it's impossible!"

                "Lin Mo is the same as that pervert, the Crown Prince, all the way."

                "He's only giving you guys the benefit of the doubt today in order to divide us and deal with my Wang Family."

                "When my Wang family is destroyed, he will eat you all away one by one."

                "The Ten Great Families of Guang Province will eventually come to a complete extinction because of your selfishness!"

                None of the other family masters said anything, only looking at Wang Xingyun indifferently.

                Since they had chosen to stand on Lin Mo's side, they would not be moved by Wang Xingyun's words.

                Lin Mo stood with his hands folded and calmly said, "Wang Xingyun, you don't need to say such useless nonsense!"

                "Today, let's have an end to this between us!"

                Wang Xingyun stared deadly at Lin Mo and slowly nodded his head, "Fine, I want to see how capable you are, this naive brat!"

                As he said that, he slowly took a step forward and slowly crossed his arms in front of his chest.

                Suddenly, he made a fist with both hands, and the muscles on his arms burst out, bursting the sleeves of his shirt.

                When the crowd around him saw such a situation, they all let out a cry of shock.

                One should know that the family heads of the great families were not weak themselves.

                Although they did not usually fight, it was impossible to stand out among the clans without some strength.

                The crowd's eyes were also ruthless and venomous. As soon as Wang Xingyun made this move, the crowd could see that Wang Xingyun was very strong.

                This Wang Xingyun had basically never made a move, and if there was anything, it was always the bodyguards around him who helped him out.

                Therefore, some people suspected that Wang Xingyun's strength was very weak and not worth mentioning.

                Who would have thought that this Wang Xingyun, had hidden his strength!

                Lin Mo's expression was indifferent as he laughed lightly, "Iron Thread Fist?"

                "This fist technique, it's rather rare."

                "I thought that in the Six Southern Provinces, there was no one practicing this set of fists!"

                Wang Xingyun's face changed slightly, he didn't expect that Lin Mo would recognize the fist technique he was practicing at a glance.

                At this moment, a family head suddenly exclaimed, "Iron Thread Fist?"

                "Wang Xingyun, you ...... are the rumoured number one expert in Guang Province who has never shown his face?"