Medical Genius Chapter 1477

 Seeing his family's people rushing over, Wang Xingyun was immediately filled with excitement.

                "Surnamed Lin, I will not rest until death with you!"

                "Today, with you and without me, with me and without you!"

                "Someone, kill him for me!"

                Wang Xingyun let out a furious roar.

                Outside, the people from the Wang family had already rushed in, and upon hearing the order from the family head, the people immediately rushed up and surrounded Lin Mo in the middle.

                There were many people from all the major clans who had come here, dozens of people from the Wang family alone.

                Moreover, there were still people coming from afar.

                At this rate, I was afraid that Lin Mo would have to face hundreds of people.

                If they really fought, would Lin Mo be able to retreat with his body under the siege of nearly a hundred people?

                Wang Xingyun gritted his teeth, he knew that the Poison Spider had personally taken action, and the Wang family had definitely suffered heavy losses this time.

                Even if he rushed back, it would be useless, he could not resist the poisonous spider!

                And all of this was thanks to Lin Mo.

                Therefore, he didn't even have the heart to go back to rescue him now, he only wanted to kill Lin Mo to take revenge!

                It was the best opportunity to kill Lin Mo while he was alone.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, was smiling and didn't even look at the people from the Wang family around him.

                And at that moment, people from the other clans all walked in.

                When they saw this formation, these people were all filled with astonishment, not knowing what had happened.

                At this moment, one person from the Huang Family asked the Huang Family Master in a low voice, "Family Master, should we do something?"

                The Huang Family Head glared at him, "What do you think?"

                The man froze for a moment, not understanding for a moment what the Huang Family Head meant.

                Family Head Huang gave him a knock on the head and said angrily, "What are you doing standing still?"

                "Hurry up and bring someone to help Mr. Lin!"

                At these words, everyone around was surprised, and even those other family lords looked at the Huang Family Head in amazement.

                One should know that the Huang Family had always been at the bottom of the Ten Great Families.

                Its position among the Ten Families had always been shaky, and it could be expelled from the Ten Families at any time.

                In order to keep the Huang Family in the Top Ten Families, the Huang Family Head had always been careful and respectful to the other family heads.

                Wang Xingyun, in the past, had never put the Huang Family Head in his eyes at all.

                Who would have thought that at this time, the Huang family head would make such a shocking move.

                Wang Xingyun was furious, "Family Head Huang, what are you doing?"

                "Are you trying to make an enemy of my Wang Family?"

                With a cold expression, the Huang Family Master said aloud, "Wang Xingyun, I have long been unaccustomed to seeing your despicable deeds."

                "Although my Huang Family is not as strong as your Wang Family, we also know what is meant by right and wrong."

                "You are not ashamed of yourself for doing these shameful things, and we, also as members of the Ten Great Families, are ashamed for you!"

                "Today, if you want to kill Mr. Lin, you have to see if my Huang Family agrees to do so first!"

                "Everyone in the Huang Family, listen to the order, protect Mr. Lin for me!"

                The Huang Clan's people looked at each other in disbelief, no one had expected that the family head would issue such an order.

                However, in the end, these people still came forward one after another and confronted the Wang Clan crowd.

                Wang Xingyun's face turned ugly to the extreme.

                If it was any other situation and the Huang Family dared to make an enemy of him, he wouldn't have cared at all.

                With the Wang Family's strength, if they wanted to destroy the Huang Family, it would be as easy as a hand!

                However, the situation was different now.

                There were quite a few people from the Huang Family, and they were on par with the number of people from their Wang Family.

                If the people from the Huang Family really did help Lin Mo with all their might, then he would never be able to kill Lin Mo this time!

                If he couldn't kill Lin Mo, then he would be completely finished this time and would have no chance of turning over.

                It could be said that by choosing to help Lin Mo at this time, the Huang family head had directly pinched Wang Xingyun's death knot!

                Lin Mo laughed and said aloud, "Thank you, Master Huang!"

                "This kindness, Lin Mou will definitely keep it in mind!"