Medical Genius Chapter 1474

 Lin Mo nodded with a faint smile, "When I, Lin Mo, speak, I always count."

                "Since I've come to discuss this with you, then I'm definitely working with you all!"

                The expressions of the crowd could not help but become even more excited, each one dancing with excitement.

                Lin Mo looked at them and was secretly smiling in his heart.

                He had come to subdue the nine great clans this time, just as Li Tiezui had wanted.

                By inviting the poisonous spiders, he was giving the nine great clans a powerful deterrent to make them fear in their hearts.

                And after that, he would then take out this medicine from Xu's Pharmaceutical, throwing out huge benefits to attract the Nine Great Clans.

                Li Tiezui was right in saying that those who are truly in power must do both grace and power.

                Letting the Nine Families represent the drug is grace.

                Inviting the poisonous spider is a form of power.

                With both grace and power, the Nine Great Clans would definitely choose to cooperate with Lin Mo instead of being his enemy!

                Suddenly, Wang Xingyun shouted fiercely, "Surnamed Lin, do you really think that we are all fools?"

                "To come here and casually say a few words to deceive nine of our family masters?"

                These words caused the crowd to turn their heads and look over.

                Family Head Huang said, "Family Head Wang, where did Mr. Lin deceive anyone?"

                Wang Xingyun glared at him and said indignantly, "You're still being kept in the dark by him?"

                "I won't say for a moment whether their Xu Pharmaceutical's rejuvenation pills can have such miraculous effects."

                "Even if this rejuvenation pill is, indeed, able to cure cancer."

                "But, everyone, this is a trillion dollar business with extremely terrifying profits."

                "In such a situation, if it were you guys, would you be willing to give out such profits to others?"

                The faces of the crowd all began to change.

                Just as Wang Xingyun had said, people were all selfish.

                With such great benefits, who would be willing to share them with others?

                Lin Mo laughed coldly, "Wang Xingyun, you really do have the heart of a gentleman with the heart of a villain."

                "Do you really think that everyone in this world is as selfish and self-serving as you?"

                "That's right, this reconstructive pill, indeed, is capable of generating over a trillion in profits."

                "But, do you think that a single Xu Pharmaceutical can swallow so much profit?"

                "Is Xu Pharmaceutical only so big that it can take care of all the channels across the country, and the world?"

                "In such a situation, Xu Pharmaceuticals must find agents, and powerful ones at that, to put the channels and products out there."

                "I'm not going to hide the fact that you haven't said anything, before, Xu Pharmaceutical has signed several agents, among them Yuan De and Wan Chong Shan, I'm sure you've all heard of these names."

                "If we at Xu Pharmaceutical can make these people agents, then why can't we make the nine great clans agents?"

                These words came out and instantly made the doubts on everyone's faces disappear.

                Wang Xingyun's face, on the other hand, changed.

                He could tell that the other eight family heads were, by now, on the verge of being persuaded by Lin Mo.

                He knew very well what Lin Mo had in mind; Lin Mo was intending to pull these people in with benefits.

                And once these eight family masters were pulled over by Lin Mo, then everything Wang Xingyun had done before would all be for nothing.

                Therefore, Wang Xingyun would definitely not agree with this matter.

                He said in a deep voice, "Hmph, Lin Mo, you need not pretend to be deceitful here."

                "What exactly is the relationship between you and our Nine Great Clans, you should be very clear in your heart!"

                "Let's not talk about what happened before, this time, we've come up with such a plan against you."

                "It's already considered good that you don't seek revenge on us, so how could you possibly share such a lucrative project with us?"

                "There's definitely a fraud here!"

                "We, the Nine Families, will never fall for such a trick!"

                "Everyone, don't be fooled by this shameless thief."

                "He is simply compelling us, don't listen to him, while he is alone now, kill him and get it over with!"