Medical Genius Chapter 1473

 After Wang Xingyun finished speaking, he directly waved his hand and shouted, "Let's all go together and fight with him!"

                "I don't believe that if we join forces, we won't be able to hold out for support from our nine clans?"

                "Don't forget, this is the provincial city, this is the territory of our Nine Great Clans."

                "If all nine of our clans come together to kill him, we can definitely kill him even if we use human lives!"

                The other eight clan masters instantly gained confidence and all leapt forward to look at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo smiled coldly, "Wang Xingyun, you don't need to say such compelling words."

                "So what if this is the provincial city?"

                "Do you really think I'm a fool, running here alone for you guys to kill?"

                "Don't you forget that my brother, the Prince, hasn't even shown his face yet."

                Wang Xingyun's face suddenly changed and he said urgently, "Where is the Crown Prince ......?"

                Lin Mo said slowly, "The Crown Prince is inside the provincial city."

                "Moreover, not only is he in the provincial city, even the poisonous spiders have come!"

                Hearing these words, the faces of the nine family masters all changed.

                One crown prince was terrifying enough.

                Adding a poisonous spider to the mix, who knew what kind of things they would cause inside the provincial city!

                The nine family masters, who were originally still aggressive, were now like frosted aubergines and wilted straight away.

                "What ...... do you want to do?"

                A family head asked in a trembling voice.

                Lin Mo smiled, "It's nothing, I'm here this time, mainly because I want to talk business with you all!"

                The crowd was surprised, and the Huang family head said curiously, "Business? What business?"

                Lin Mo said, "Our Xu Pharmaceutical has recently developed a new drug, and it will be officially put into production soon."

                "I would like to talk to you all, I wonder if you are willing to represent this new drug from our Xu Pharmaceutical?"

                The crowd looked at each other, and the Huang family head said, "Mr. Lin, medicine, that's what the Huo family is best at."

                "We don't understand this and we can't do business in this area."

                "Are you talking to the wrong person to talk to us about this?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand with a faint smile, "There's no rush, you'll know when you hear me out."

                "This medicine I'm talking about is called the Rejuvenation Pill, and is capable of treating the three most common types of cancer."

                Hearing these words, the nine people on the scene simultaneously stared in awe and directly coaxed.

                "You're kidding, right?"

                "Cure cancer?"

                "That's an incurable disease!"

                A family head yelled loudly.

                Lin Mo: "Everyone, you should have heard about the last Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting."

                "I am not talented, and my medical skills are slightly better than Hai Cheng Lui's three needles."

                "I can guarantee with my life that this rejuvenation pill, is definitely able to cure cancer!"

                The nine family heads looked at each other, the Huang family head took a deep breath and his voice trembled slightly, "Mr. Lin, if ...... what you say is true, then the business of this Recycle Pill, that's definitely a sure win!"

                "A medicine that can cure cancer, how many people would that have to attract to fight for it?"

                "When the time comes, if we can represent this kind of medicine, it won't just make money in our country."

                "Even, these drugs could be sold all over the world!"

                "By then, I'm afraid this will be a big business of several hundred billion, or even trillions!"

                Several other family heads were also full of excitement.

                Although the nine great families were financially strong, their assets together were only a few hundred billion.

                And now, if they could represent this kind of medicine, it would be a big business of trillions of dollars.

                If this business was done, the Nine Families' assets would at least double, if not multiply, and the Nine Families' strength would skyrocket!

                Such a deal was like a pie in the sky!

                The crowd looked at Lin Mo, and one family head said excitedly, "Mr. Lin, are you ...... telling the truth?"

                "Are you really willing to let us represent this new drug from Xu's Pharmaceutical?"