Medical Genius Chapter 1472

 The crowd quickly turned their heads to look, only to see a man standing in the doorway.

                And this person was none other than Lin Mo!

                The faces of the crowd all turned iron blue at once, and they all looked at Wang Xingyun.

                This secret place had been chosen by Wang Xingyun, and this gathering had been organised by Wang Xingyun, so how could Lin Mo appear here?

                Wang Xingyun's face was even more embarrassed as he said in a deep voice, "Lin Mo, why are you here?"

                Lin Mo smiled faintly, "Wang Xingyun, do you really think that I don't know anything about the little things you've done behind my back?"

                "The girl who escaped from the Wan family, why did she so happen to meet my wife?"

                "And after that, why did she suddenly and violently die without warning?"

                "Heh, if things were too coincidental, then it wouldn't be called coincidence, it would be called deliberate design!"

                "I have long guessed that this matter is definitely unrelated to you."

                "Therefore, during this period of time, I stayed in the provincial city and actually kept a quiet eye on you guys."

                "Today, when the family heads of the nine great clans all came out and ran here for a secret gathering, I had my eyes on you all from the very beginning."

                "When you all came over, I had already hidden in your car and followed you over!"

                The faces of all the people changed, and one of the family heads said in a trembling voice, "Whose car are you ...... hiding in?"

                Lin Mo gave a faint smile and looked at Wang Xingyun, "Of course it's the car of the Wang family head!"

                "That car of his, the trunk is so big, hiding a person, is not a problem at all."

                Wang Xingyun's face changed again, he never dreamed that Lin Mo had come over by hiding in his own car.

                In other words, he had organized this incident himself, and as a result, he had even brought Lin Mo over with him.

                As a matter of fact, the other family masters looked at Wang Xingyun a little bit differently.

                Other than that, at least this Wang Xingyun's ability to get things done already made people distrustful.

                Wang Xingyun gritted his teeth and said straightforwardly, "Mr. Lin, I was indeed right about you, you didn't trust our Ten Great Families from the very beginning!"

                "Since you already know what we've done, there's no point in us saying anything else, you're definitely going to drive us to extinction!"

                "Gentlemen, let's not hide it, today, let's put an end to this matter!"

                With these words, Wang Xingyun directly picked up the glass on the table and slammed it on the ground.

                The glass shattered, making a crisp sound that spread far away, sending a signal to the people outside.

                When the other eight family masters heard this, they all stared at Lin Mo in a furious manner as well.

                Just as Wang Xingyun had said, Lin Mo already knew what they had done, so they would have to tear their faces off with Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo wasn't the least bit frightened, he smiled slightly and said softly, "Wang Xingyun, there's no need to send such a signal."

                "Everyone within a hundred meters of the vicinity has been stunned by me with poisonous smoke."

                "Here, I have also placed a signal blocker, so you can't even call out!"

                The faces of the nine family heads all changed and they all took out their mobile phones, only to find that none of their phones had any signal.

                Their faces suddenly became extremely embarrassed.

                With no signal on their mobile phones, no one nearby could come to their rescue, so wouldn't the nine of them have to fight Lin Mo head on?

                Although the strength of the nine family heads was not weak, they were still far behind Lin Mo.

                If they really fought, how many of the nine people in this room would be able to walk out alive?

                Wang Xingyun, on the other hand, gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice, "I didn't expect that you had come prepared!"

                "It seems that you want to take advantage of this opportunity to kill us all!"

                "In that case, then let's cut the crap, let's all talk based on our abilities!"

                "If you want to kill the family head of our nine great families, you also have to see if you have the ability to do so!"