Medical Genius Chapter 1471

Hearing these words, everyone turned their heads in unison to look at the Huang Family Head.

                A family head next to him immediately said, "Isn't that nonsense?"

                "If Lin Mo wants to dominate the entire Guang Province, if he wants to become the reigning Emperor of Guang Province, and if he wants to completely trample our ten great families under his feet, he has to die!"

                "What even Nanba Tian hasn't done, what right does he have to do with a brat like him?"

                The others nodded their heads, and the crowd meant the same thing.

                The Huang family head waved his hand, "Everyone, I understand what you mean."

                "But the question is, does Lin Mo want to trample our Ten Great Families under his feet or not?"

                "Even if it's the King of the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu, who controls the entire Southern Six Provinces."

                "But, the major clans in the Southern Six Provinces also have absolute say in their own territory."

                "Fifth Master Xue has never stepped on any of the great clans, and if there was nothing special, Fifth Master Xue would not interfere with any of their affairs!"

                Speaking here, Family Head Huang looked at the crowd around him and said in a deep voice, "By the same token, Lin Mo, the honorable of this Guang Province, is just a false name."

                "We give him enough respect and he won't interfere in our affairs, that's the best outcome."

                "But what are we doing now?"

                "Using every means to kill Lin Mo, even going so far as to lend a knife to the Vanguard family."

                "As a result, Lin Mo didn't die, but the grudge between us and Lin Mo is getting deeper and deeper."

                "If Lin Mo finds out about this and wants to come after us to settle the score."

                "Gentlemen, of our nine great clans in Guang Province, how many of them will be able to survive then?"

                These words instantly caused the surrounding crowd to fall into silence.

                Just like what the Huang family head had said, if they really tore their faces off with Lin Mo, when the time came, the nine great clans, too, would definitely have to pay a painful price.

                Or, living in peace with Lin Mo was the most suitable method ah.

                Wang Xingyun's face, however, changed straight away.

                The reason why he was so keen to deal with Lin Mo was that he wanted to take this opportunity to, firstly, prove the strength of the Wang Family, and secondly, take the opportunity to expand his prestige among the Ten Great Families, so that he could take control of the Ten Great Families step by step.

                If the people chose not to make an enemy of Lin Mo, then his plan would be in vain.

                Not only that, he had been deliberately planning for so many years in order to be able to take control of Guangdong Province.

                If he couldn't get rid of Lin Mo, then even if the Wang family was stronger, they would never be able to take control of the province.

                Therefore, for Wang Xingyun, it was simply impossible to live in peace with Lin Mo, he had to kill him!

                Seeing the silence of the crowd, Wang Xingyun directly said in a cold voice, "Heh, Master Huang Family, don't you feel childish yourself for saying that?"

                "With Lin Mo's kind of character, do you think he will live in peace with us?"

                "He's just arrived in Guang Province and he's wiped out a few clans?"

                "Also, what kind of person is the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng beside him, don't you guys have any idea in your hearts?"

                "He still doesn't know that we did the Wan family thing this time."

                "If he knew that we did this, gentlemen, do you think he would still be merciful to us?"

                These few words caused the faces of the crowd to change on the spot.

                Yes, they had already done this, so how could Lin Mo spare them?

                Even if Lin Mo would spare them, it was unlikely that the Crown Prince would spare them!

                At this point, they could only fight Lin Mo to the death!

                At that moment, a voice suddenly came from outside the door, "Wang Xingyun, do you really think that I don't know anything about what you've done?"

                Hearing these words, the faces of all the people changed and they all turned their heads to look.

                This was their secret gathering, and within a thousand-metre radius, it was guarded by their men and no one was allowed to approach.

                Who on earth was it that was able to walk here so silently?