Medical Genius Chapter 1470

 After hearing Li Tiezui's words, Lin Mo decided not to look for the Ten Families for the time being.

                Next, he first sent Xu Hanxia and the three of them back to Guangyang City.

                Today, Guangyang City was completely under Lin Mo's control.

                It was truly safe for his family to stay here.

                As for Lin Mo, he continued to stay in the provincial city, saying that he had to help Xu Jiangong Fang Hui with those chain pharmacies.

                In fact, Lin Mo's stay in the provincial city was to continue to put pressure on the nine great families.

                He wanted to follow what Li Tiezui had said, to combine grace and power to completely control Guang Province.

                At this time, the Nine Great Clans were on high alert.

                Just as Lin Mo had guessed, the Nine Great Clans were indeed behind the last incident.

                They had spent a lot of money to pay off that tattooed man from the Wan family and set up that trap, wanting to use the Wan family to deal with Lin Mo.

                But they never dreamed that Lin Mo had defeated the Wan family's male son.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that that male of the Wan family, surprisingly, did not get angry and did not use the family's power to kill Lin Mo.

                In that case, their plan was tantamount to failure.

                And the nine family heads were panicking in their hearts, they were worried that Lin Mo would find out about it and seek revenge on them.

                However, Lin Mo had stayed in the provincial city for several days without mentioning this matter.

                Even, Lin Mo basically did not have any contact with the people of the nine great families, which made them even more apprehensive in their hearts.

                The nine great family heads did not know exactly what Lin Mo was brewing, but being a thief, no matter what Lin Mo did, they always felt panic in their hearts.

                That morning, Wang Xingyun once again invited the other eight great family lords to meet quietly at a secret place on the outskirts of the city to discuss the matter of dealing with Lin Mo.

                This time, the plan to use the Wan Family to deal with Lin Mo was also proposed by Wang Xingyun.

                This time, after Wang Xingyun had gathered the eight great family masters together, he obviously noticed that the attitude of these eight great family masters towards himself had changed.

                Before, the ten families were strongest with the Wang family. The ten families, too, were basically led by Wang Xingyun, who was also the spiritual leader of the nine great families.

                On ordinary days, Wang Xingyun's influence and appeal among the ten great families was extremely strong.

                However, this time, after these eight great family masters arrived here, Wang Xingyun clearly noticed that these eight great family masters were looking at him a little bit differently.

                Wang Xingyun knew that the failure to use the Wan Family against Lin Mo this time had made these eight great family lords fearful of Lin Mo's retaliation in their hearts.

                After all, previously, Lin Mo would have exterminated a large family at the drop of a hat, and no one wanted to be the family that was exterminated by Lin Mo.

                During this period of time, although Lin Mo had done nothing, he was able to put great psychological pressure on the eight great family lords just by staying in the provincial city.

                If he could not solve Lin Mo as soon as possible, then the prestige he had managed to build up among these people would be worn away little by little by the panic in their hearts.

                Wang Xingyun took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Gentlemen, I know that I have disappointed everyone by not being able to kill Lin Mo this time."

                "But, our plan is not over yet, it is too early to speak lightly of success or failure."

                "The Wan Family's Lower Mountain Leopard has promised that he will personally solve Lin Mo's matter!"

                "Lower Mountain Leopard, has a very high status in the Wan Family, if he wants to kill Lin Mo, it would be as easy as a snap!"

                "So, we don't need to worry too much, we just need to wait and see what happens!"

                The eight family heads looked at each other, and Wang Xingyun's words did not dispel the worries in their hearts.

                After all, if they hadn't managed to kill Lin Mo, it was useless to say anything now!

                As the crowd fell silent, the Huang Family Master, who was standing in the far corner, suddenly said, "Family Master Wang, I have a question."

                "I'm curious to know why we must kill Lin Mo?"