Medical Genius Chapter 147-148

 Chapter 147

Ping was overjoyed when she heard about the platinum membership.

                "Young Zhou, you're actually a platinum member of Yi Pin Xuan!"

                "This kind of platinum membership, there are not many people in the whole Guangyang City na."

                "Hanxia, I heard that your family's old man, who took the platinum membership, wasn't a platinum member either, right?"

                Zhou Shao had a smug look on his face, the platinum membership of Yi Pin Xuan was a very high grade.

                Further up, there was the Diamond membership.

                And that diamond membership, only the heads of the ten families and those with great strength in their families could get it.

                As for the Platinum membership, although it is a little bit inferior to the Diamond membership.

                However, it was not something that could be obtained by ordinary people either.

                At Zhou Shao's age, there were only a few people who could obtain this Platinum Membership.

                It is estimated that only the heirs of the top ten families can get it.

                Therefore, Zhou Shao could completely use his membership to threaten Lin Mo.

                Ping had an excited face, as if this platinum membership was hers.

                "Lin Mo, you still dare to talk about the rules of Yi Pin Xuan in front of young Zhou?"

                "Do you know how you got into Yi Pin Xuan?"

                "If I hadn't picked you up, you wouldn't have been able to enter such a high-end place yourself!"

                "How dare you shout at a Platinum Member?"

                "Mr Zhou, kick him out. This kind of person doesn't deserve to stay in such an upscale place!"

                Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Ping Ping ......"

                Ping Ping said directly, "Halfsia, don't say anything, I'm doing this for your own good!"

                "A person like Lin Mo is not worthy of sitting with you at all!"

                "Lin Mo, hurry up and get out of here yourself if you know what you're doing, lest you be thrown out later and be a disgrace!"

                Xu Hanxia still wanted to speak, but Lin Mo preempted him, "Young Zhou, are you sure you want to cause trouble at Yipin Xuan?"

                Zhou Shao said arrogantly, "This is not called making a scene, this is called clearing the place."

                "Looking at you, you're very reluctant, aren't you?"

                "Good, then I'll let you know how big the difference between you and me is!"

                Zhou Shao waved his arm, "Go, call the waiters from Yipin Xuan."

                "Tell them that I want to clear the place!"

                A few dog-legged men immediately ran over, and before long, came over with a waiter.


                "Just that guy, throw him out!"

                "My youngster Zhou wants to clear the place, don't affect my youngster Zhou's mood for dinner!"

                A dog-leg yelled.

                Ping also pointed at Lin Mo and laughed, "Yes, yes, it's this wimp!"

                "Eating western food and using chopsticks, shame on you here."

                "Hurry up and throw him out, don't let him pollute such a high-end restaurant!"

                The waiter looked slightly embarrassed and said in a low voice, "Mr Zhou, we are all eating here, why do we have to make such a fuss?"

                Zhou Shao was furious, "What do you mean?"

                "I'm a platinum member of Yipin Xuan, I want to kick out someone who doesn't have a membership card, is that even possible?"

                "Your Yipin Xuan, isn't it a membership hierarchy?"

                "I'm such a high ranking member, can't I even kick out a low ranking member if I want to?"

                The waiter had an embarrassed look on his face, "Young Zhou, a senior member, indeed, has this right."

                "But, this ...... this ......"

                Major Zhou said angrily, "Don't talk to me about this and that, kick him out immediately!"

                "Otherwise, I will personally go to your manager and ask him to deal with this matter!"

                The waiter had a helpless face, "Zhou Shao, if you ...... have to ask for this, then I ...... am really sorry, I ...... can only ask you to go out!"

                Zhou Shao couldn't help but stare, "What do you ...... mean?"

                Ping also widened her eyes and broke into a curse, "You're fucking lacking in heart, aren't you?"

                "Zhou Shao is your platinum member, you're letting Zhou Shao out?"

                "Are you stupid or crazy?"

                A few of Zhou Shao's lapdogs were also furious, "Damn it, I'll give you a chance to reorganise your words!"

                "Hurry up and apologise to our youngster Zhou, or else we'll tear down this Yiping Xuan of yours!"

Chapter 148

The waiter sighed helplessly, "Young Zhou, you said this yourself."

                "The membership hierarchy, senior members can ask lower members to leave."

                Young Zhou glared, "Right, then why are you asking me to leave?"

                The waiter looked at Lin Mo, "But, Mr. Lin is our highest ranking member here."

                "If you want to let Mr. Lin go, then we'll have to let you go!"

                At these words, the whole room was shocked.

                Those people around who had been watching were also all confused.

                As far as they were concerned, Lin Mo was nothing more than a soft-earned loser.

                If young Zhou wanted to kick him out, he would definitely not be able to stay here.

                After all, Yi Pin Xuan wouldn't offend a platinum member for a person who didn't have a membership card.

                But who would have thought that things would take such a turn for the worse.

                Lin Mo, who was the highest ranking member here?

                The crowd straightly wondered if they had heard wrong!

                Ping Ping said excitedly, "What are you ...... you ...... talking about?"

                "Lin Mo is the highest ranking member of your place?"

                "You're really crazy, aren't you?"

                "He's just the son-in-law of the Xu family, a loser, what makes him ...... the highest ranking member of your place?"

                "Damn, what kind of bullshit place is this."

                "A madman can be a waiter too?"

                "I think, this Yipin Xuan, is just like that!"

                The crowd also looked at the waiter in confusion, wondering if the waiter was stupid.

                At this moment, an icy voice came from upstairs, "He's not crazy, nor is he stupid!"

                The crowd turned their heads, only to see Manager Xie walking down from upstairs, causing a stir.

                This Manager Xie was in charge of Yipin Xuan and was a well-known big shot in Guangyang City.

                "So it's Uncle Xie!"

                "Uncle Xie, it's been a long time!"

                Zhou Shao greeted him with a smile on his face and wanted to shake hands with Manager Xie.

                Who knew that Manager Xie directly ignored him and walked in front of Lin Mo with big steps.

                "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry."

                "I didn't know you were here, so please forgive me for the poor arrangements!"

                The crowd froze, how could such a big shot like Manager Xie be so polite to Lin Mo?

                Zhou Shao hurriedly walked over, "Uncle Xie, what are you doing?"

                "Are you mistaken for someone else?"

                "Isn't this ...... just a door-to-door son-in-law?"

                "That waiter of yours has mistaken, how come you've mistaken too?"

                Manager Xie patted the waiter's shoulder, "What he said, it's all true!"

                "Mr. Lin, is indeed our highest level member here, the supreme level member!"

                "There are only three Supreme Level cards in Yipinxuan, and Mr. Lin, is the owner of one of them!"

                The crowd was in an uproar, all shocked beyond words.

                When the waiter said this, the crowd was still skeptical.

                But when Manager Xie said it himself, no one doubted it.

                Zhou was dumbfounded, what the hell is this?

                The Supreme Card, he had heard of it, but he had never seen anyone use it.

                It was said that there were only three, and one of them had gone to Nanba Tian.

                Even their Zhou family senior was not qualified to get a Supreme Card, he just took a Diamond Card.

                How did this one son-in-law from the family get the Supreme Card?

                His membership level was even higher than the family heads of the ten families?

                "Uncle Xie, are you ...... you mistaken?"

                "He's just a soft-earned wimp!"

                "How could he have a Supreme Card?"

                "He ...... he must have stolen it!"

                "Uncle Xie, look into it, he's a thief!"

                Manager Xie stormed, "That's enough!"

                "You shut up!"

                "You're just a platinum member, how dare you treat a Supreme Member with such disrespect!"

                "Someone, get him out of here!"

                "Also, cancel his membership card!"

                "From now on, he will not be allowed to set foot in Yixin Xuan again!"