Medical Genius Chapter 1469

 Lin Mo shook his head, "This method, to a person, won't do any damage, it's just that the process of putting the blood ginseng into the body is a bit painful."

                "Generally the big families that can afford to cultivate blood ginseng wouldn't care about the expense."

                "They will pay a high price to hire some girls to do this, and usually the three month period is over."

                Li Tiezui nodded, "So, this time, it's very clear."

                "That girl is paid to do something and help cultivate blood ginseng, so it is reasonable that she would not run away."

                "Moreover, since she works for the Wan Family, she should be well aware of the Wan Family's strength, and she won't be able to escape."

                "But, it just so happens that this girl escaped and, moreover, happened to run into Xu Hanxia."

                Speaking here, Li Tiezui glanced at Lin Mo: "So, all of this, is not a coincidence at all, it's a completely premeditated trap."

                "Someone paid a high price to hire this girl and have her come to stir up a fight between you and the Wan family, wanting to kill you by the hands of the Wan family!"

                "Now that this girl has suddenly died a violent death, it's even more proof that this matter is, indeed, being manipulated by someone behind the scenes!"

                Lin Mo shrugged, all of this had already occurred to him when he had seen that the girl had blood ginseng in her body.

                Li Tiezui: "But, now this girl is dead."

                "How can we continue to pursue this matter?"

                The prince said indignantly, "What's the point of pursuing it?"

                "I can guess with my ass that the Ten Families are behind this."

                "Just go straight to the Ten Families!"

                Li Tiezui gave him a look, "If you go directly to the Ten Families, do you have any evidence?"

                Prince: "What proof is needed for that?"

                "This matter is well known to everyone."

                "If you want me to say so, why don't we just take this opportunity to completely destroy the Ten Families and let Lin Zi take complete control of Guang Province!"

                Li Tiezui shook his head, "That's easy for you to say."

                "But, the Ten Families have been operating in Guang Province for so many years, with deep roots and deep roots."

                "With our current strength, if we really tear ourselves apart from the Ten Families, we may not be able to win easily."

                "Even if we could destroy the Ten Families, but what about what happens after that?"

                "With the Ten Great Families gone, then the assets left behind by the Ten Great Families will attract countless other great powers to fight over them."

                "At that time, if we lose both of them with the Ten Great Families, and other great powers take advantage of the situation, won't this be a waste of time for others?"

                Lin Mo gave Li Tiezui a look, this old fellow looked obscene, but when it came to doing things, he was organized and clear-headed!

                The prince scratched his head, "Neither this nor that, so what do we do now?"

                "Are we just going to wait for the Ten Families to screw us over behind our backs?"

                Li Tiezui said, "If we want to completely control Guang Province, we don't want to completely destroy the Ten Families, but to make them completely subservient."

                "Of course, this subjugation is not the kind of forceful suppression, but to make them submit willingly."

                Prince: "How is that possible?"

                "These ten families, one is more mellow than the other."

                "Even the Fifth Master Xue can only rely on force to make them submit, and behind the scenes, these people are actually still masculine and submissive."

                "Lin Zi wants to make them completely submissive, this ...... how can this be done!"

                Li Tiezui smiled and calmly said, "Those in power, the most crucial thing is to know how to give both grace and power."

                "If you want to completely control the ten families, you must kill a group of people, keep a group of people, and also pull in a group of people."

                "Only then will you be able to completely control Guang Province!"

                Hearing these words, a sharp aura flashed violently in Lin Mo's eyes.

                He couldn't help but give Li Tiezui an extra glance, honestly, he didn't expect that this old man, who looked so obscene, would have such great wisdom!

                These words had opened Lin Mo's eyes!