Medical Genius Chapter 1468

 Li Tiezui also looked at Lin Mo in the same way, he didn't understand the situation either.

                Lin Mo said, "Oh, I forgot to explain to you guys."

                "Actually, I found out when I saw that girl this afternoon that they were using that girl's body to raise ginseng."

                The prince was surprised, "Raising ginseng? What kind of ginseng is being raised?"

                Lin Mo said, "Blood ginseng!"

                The prince and Li Tiezui looked at each other, both of them were full of confusion: "What kind of blood ginseng? Is it the kind of Chinese medicine sold in hospitals?"

                Lin Mo said, "What I'm talking about is blood ginseng, and the blood ginseng you know, it's not the same."

                "The blood ginseng we are talking about now is actually scientifically called mountain wedelia."

                "Whereas the blood ginseng I am talking about is a more special kind of ginseng."

                Prince Li Tiezui was even more confused as the two looked at Lin Mo in bewilderment, completely confused by the situation.

                Lin Mo explained, "This blood ginseng I'm talking about was originally just ordinary ginseng at first."

                "But within three months of this ginseng sprouting, there must be blood dripping on it and then a sufficient supply of nutrients, causing this ginseng to contain special medicinal properties before it can be called blood ginseng."

                The prince scratched his head, "According to you, this blood ginseng, it shouldn't be anything particularly rare!"

                "Just drench it with blood within three months of germination and cultivate it artificially, wouldn't that be fine?"

                "The ancients knew about this method, wouldn't they have cultivated it themselves?"

                "Even ginseng can be cultivated, it wouldn't be that difficult to grow some more valuable blood ginseng, right?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "What I've just told you is just the beginning."

                "That's just the prerequisite to be able to become a blood ginseng, subsequently, this kind of ginseng still needs to grow for years and years before it can become a real blood ginseng."

                "But for any blood ginseng, one hundred years is just the beginning, three hundred years before it becomes a medicine, and five hundred years for the best medicinal effect."

                "As for thousand-year blood ginseng, that's something no one has seen even more."

                "In ancient times, dynasties only changed in a few hundred years, so who do you think would bother to grow this kind of blood ginseng that takes several hundred years to be effective?"

                The prince opened his mouth wide, it took so many years of cultivation and several generations to see results, I guess no one really wanted to cultivate it ah.

                Lin Mo continued, "Furthermore, blood ginseng is only effective for some special diseases, otherwise, it is similar to ordinary ginseng."

                "These special diseases, in turn, are extremely rare, and very few people will get them."

                "Therefore, no one would deliberately grow blood ginseng at all!"

                The prince suddenly understood, and then said curiously, "Then according to you, this is someone from the Wan family who has this particular disease?"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, "The Wan Family attaches such importance to blood ginseng, so I guess someone really has this disease."

                Prince: "But what does it mean that they are harbouring blood ginseng inside the human body?"

                Lin Mo: "It's a method passed down from ancient times."

                "Because blood ginseng with medicinal properties was extremely rare, a famous doctor invented this method."

                "Take the unformed blood ginseng and place it inside a person's body."

                "After that, special medicine is used to nourish the person, and then silver needles are used to block the person's meridians, so that the qi and blood in the person's body is mainly concentrated in a few acupuncture points for the blood ginseng to absorb and speed up its formation."

                "This method can make that kind of blood ginseng, which is decades old, reach a hundred years of medicinal effect in a short period of time, thus curing diseases and saving people!"

                The prince's eyes widened and his face was full of shock, "Oh my god, it can still be done like this?"

                "This ...... this is too amazing, right?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Ancient medical arts, there are many miraculous things that you can't even imagine."

                The prince nodded and then whirled, "So, the Wan family used this method to cultivate blood ginseng?"

                "This method, for those girls, will it do any damage?"