Medical Genius Chapter 1466

 After pondering for a long time, the short man finally gritted his teeth and nodded slowly, "Okay, I'll finish her off tonight!"

                The tattooed man nodded in satisfaction and said in a deep voice, "Do it beautifully and don't leave any traces!"

                "Don't worry, when we finish that Lin and get the money, we can go abroad and live the rest of our lives in style."

                "Even if they find us then, they won't be able to find us!"

                The short man couldn't help but be filled with excitement, "Brother Pao, don't worry."

                "Leave this matter to me, absolutely no problem!"


                At this moment, Lin Mo was sitting in his car, heading towards the direction of the city.

                Xu Hanxia sat beside Lin Mo, she was full of apologies, "Lin Mo, I'm sorry."

                "This time, I've caused you trouble."

                Lin Mo smiled and patted her hand, "What kind of trouble is this?"

                "It's not like you know what the girl's situation really is, and I'm relieved that you stepped in to help her instead."

                "When you encounter something like this in the future, you can do whatever you want!"

                "Don't worry, no matter what comes up, I will support you!"

                Xu Hanxia's eyes were slightly red as she leaned on Lin Mo's shoulder, her heart sweet.

                To find such a husband, she felt that this was a blessing she had cultivated in several lifetimes!

                Lin Mo sent Xu Hanxia back to the hotel, where Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was waiting anxiously in his room.

                When they saw that Lin Mo had gone out in a hurry and Xu Hanxia had not returned for such a long time, they vaguely thought that something had happened.

                Now that they saw Xu Hanxia return, they finally breathed a long sigh of relief.

                Lin Mo told Xu Hanxia to stay in the hotel and not to leave at will.

                At the same time, the Crown Prince had also sent a large number of men to guard the place to prevent anyone from making another move towards them.

                After settling everything, Lin Mo walked downstairs, where the Crown Prince and Li Tiezui were waiting for him in the car.

                Lin Mo had just sat in the car when he asked straight away, "This Wan family, what kind of family is it?"

                "Why are the people of the Wan family so arrogant and domineering?"

                The prince and Li Tiezui looked at each other, both of their expressions were somewhat strained.

                The prince said, "Old Li Tau, it's better for you to explain to him."

                "You know much more about the Wan family than I do!"

                Li Tiezui sighed and said in a deep voice, "Lin Mo, this matter today, you have acted a bit presumptuously."

                "This Wan family, it's really not easy to mess with!"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he could tell from what those people from the Wan Family said.

                Those people from the Wan Family, not even putting Fire Hua in their eyes, was enough to show that the Wan Family was really powerful ah.

                However, the six southern provinces, were all Xue Wuji's territory.

                Which other family, could they not confront Master Xue Wu?

                Li Tiezui said in a deep voice, "The Wan Family in Southeast Province is one of the top ten families in the country!"

                Lin Mo's face couldn't help but change.

                To be able to be called one of the top ten families in the country was enough to show just how strong this Wan family was.

                Like the Wang Family in Guang Province, that only had a certain amount of discourse in Guang Province.

                Once they leave the province, the Wang family is just an ordinary family, and those forces in other provinces do not buy the Wang family's account.

                The Wan family, on the other hand, is one of the top ten families in China, which is really not simple.

                It could be said that such a large family could have absolute power of speech in any part of the country!

                Even in Guang Province, it could still steadily suppress the top ten families in Guang Province!

                It was no wonder that the people of the Wan Family were so arrogant, such a large family, in its own right, was comparable to the King of the Southern Realm.

                Even when facing Master Xue Wu, they didn't need to bow down, so naturally they wouldn't care about Huo Hua!

                Li Tiezui picked up, "This is a veritable Chinese prestige family, inherited for thousands of years."

                "It has endured a thousand years of storms and countless challenges, yet it has always stood."

                "This kind of big family, can you imagine, how powerful and terrifying they really are?"