Medical Genius Chapter 1462

 Lin Mo's expression did not change in the slightest as he calmly said, "The so-called Venerable of Guang Province is nothing more than a false name, not worth mentioning."

                The youth's face was cold as he said in a cold voice, "Since you know it's just a false name, you should keep a low profile."

                "When you come to ask for someone, you have to have the attitude of asking for someone."

                "You came up and hit someone with your hands, this kind of attitude, are you asking us for someone or are you here to intimidate us?"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, "I beat people up, that's because they spoke ill of my wife."

                "This gentleman, if your people hadn't spoken so indelicately, how would I have struck them at will?"

                The youth said in a cold voice, "Are you saying that my Wan family's people have no upbringing?"

                Lin Mo snorted coldly, "I didn't say that the people of the Wan Family had no upbringing, I just said that those few people I hit just now had no upbringing!"

                The youth's face was cold as he said in a cold voice, "You're quite capable of sophistry, aren't you?"

                "Hmph, want me to let people go? You can!"

                "Since you are so capable of fighting, then fight me."

                "If you win, I'll let your wife go, how about that!"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, "Are you sure you want to fight me?"

                Looking at this expression on Lin Mo's face, the youth became furious: "What do you mean?"

                "What, do you think you can win against me?"

                "Hmph, something that doesn't know the sky is high, I'll show you today, the family martial arts of my Wan Family!"

                With that, the youth fiercely kicked out, instantly reaching Lin Mo's chin.

                Lin Mo did not expect the youth to make a direct move, moreover, the youth's speed was really too fast.

                He hurriedly raised his right hand and used his palm to block his chin.

                The kick, which landed on his palm, was so powerful that it caused Lin Mo's palm to tingle for a moment.

                His face couldn't help but change slightly, and his eyes stared at the youth with gravity.

                Previously, he had thought that this youth's strength was average, but now it seemed that this youth's strength was not weak at all.

                Lin Mo had to fight with all his might against this youth.

                The youth's boxing style was peculiar, and did not belong to the kind of boxing style that was widely circulated outside.

                It seemed that this was the Wan family's family martial art!

                An ordinary person facing such a fist technique would probably have been defeated long ago.

                However, today's Lin Mo was no longer the same as before.

                His strength was now several times higher than before, whether it was strength or speed, it had all increased by a large margin.

                The two men fought with speed, their movements so fast that the crowd beside them were dazzled.

                The prince was filled with shock as he whispered, "Which one of the Wan family's grandsons is this?"

                "So strong?"

                "If I were to fight him, I guess I would have hiccupped long ago!"

                Li Tiezui didn't say anything, just frowned with a stony face.

                The two of them hadn't fought for long before Lin Mo had pretty much figured out this Wanjia fist technique.

                He caught a break in the youth's boxing technique and suddenly struck out, clasping the youth's wrist.

                Immediately, the youth tried to break free with a counter takedown.

                Lin Mo was prepared for this and grabbed his wrist and pressed it hard against his chest, making it impossible for him to break free.

                The youth's face turned red and a murderous aura flashed in his eyes as he raised his foot and kicked Lin Mo in the crotch.

                This move of teasing the crotch leg was extremely sinister.

                If he was hit by the kick, he would be crippled if not killed!

                Lin Mo did not expect the young man to strike so ruthlessly, so he was a little annoyed and raised his foot to block the young man's strike.

                Then, Lin Mo hooked his ankle in a smooth motion and took two fierce steps backwards.

                The youth landed on one foot and was involuntarily dragged forward with one foot hooked by Lin Mo.

                His legs instantly parted and he was directly on the ground in a splitting pose, his legs separated in a line.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised, this youth's body was too soft, right?

                In other circumstances, the other party would have been dragged to the ground by him long ago!