Medical Genius Chapter 1461

 The man's face changed immediately and he shouted angrily, "How dare you!"

                "This Lake of the Moon has been chartered by our Wan Family."

                "How dare you injure our Wan family members and trespass here, this is a challenge to our Wan family!"

                "In all these years, no one has dared to challenge our Wan Family, you are just seeking death!"

                Hearing these words, both the Crown Prince and Li Tiezui let out a bitter laugh.

                What they had feared the most had happened after all!

                Seeing the expressions on the Crown Prince and Li Tiezui's faces, Lin Mo knew that this Wan Family was definitely not simple.

                However, now that it was Xu Hanxia who had been taken away, there was no way Lin Mo could back down.

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "I don't care what kind of family you really are, I only have one request!"

                "Release my wife Xu Hanxia immediately!"

                The man said in a cold voice, "Who are you to say that we will let her go just because you tell us to?"

                "I'm telling you, originally my gongzi was too kind-hearted to bother with that bitch."

                "As long as you came over and made an honest apology, you would have been allowed to lead that bitch away!"

                "But now that you have injured someone from my Wan family, then you will never be able to collect that bitch!"

                Hearing the man's words one bitch at a time, Lin Mo's face had turned colder and colder.

                He took a fierce step forward and said angrily, "Who are you calling a slut?"

                The man sneered, "It's that Xu Hanxia ...... who is talking about."

                Without waiting for him to finish, Lin Mo fiercely struck out and punched heavily.

                The man's strength was also quite weak, and moreover, he had been on guard against it.

                However, after Lin Mo's punch came out, he was still unable to resist.

                This punch, which hit him hard on the nose, broke the man's nose directly.

                Blood gushed out along his nose as he staggered back a step and said in a trembling voice, "You ...... how dare you hit me ......"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything and once again kicked him in the chest.

                The man directly fell to the ground, this kick, causing him to break several ribs and directly lose his ability to move.

                Seeing such a situation, several people in the hall immediately rushed up and surrounded Lin Mo in an aggressive manner.

                Lin Mo clenched his fists and was about to strike.

                At this moment, the youth who had been sipping wine from afar finally stood up.

                "Stop it all!"

                The youth shouted coldly.

                Those few people immediately stopped their hands and turned their heads, looking at the youth respectfully.

                The youth walked over slowly, and as he passed by the man from before, he suddenly kicked the man in the mouth.

                The man was not prepared for this blow and was hit so hard that he spat blood out of his mouth and lost several teeth.

                The man covered his mouth and looked at the youth blankly, not knowing why he had been beaten.

                The youth said in a cold voice: "If you call someone a bitch at random, you should have your teeth knocked out!"

                "Why don't you quickly apologise to someone?"

                The man's face was pale and he lowered his head and said to Lin Mo, "Yes ...... sorry ......"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be amazed, this youth, he was even speaking for himself?

                At this moment, the youth also walked up to him.

                The moment he saw this youth, Lin Mo couldn't help but feel a sense of shock.

                It could be said that, in his life, Lin Mo had never seen anyone so handsome looking.

                This youth, with skin as white as snow, had features full of heroic aura.

                Although he was only a little over one meter seven, he was an absolutely rare and beautiful man!

                He didn't even need to be deliberately dressed up to be far more dazzling than those so-called idol stars!

                The youth's gaze swept past the Crown Prince and Li Tiezui before finally landing on Lin Mo.

                He looked Lin Mo up and down and asked, "Are you the so-called Venerable of Guang Province, Lin Mo?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head, "It is precisely I."

                The youth snorted, "The Venerable of Guang Province, hehe, I thought it was some big man with three heads and six arms."

                "I didn't expect it, but it's just a brat who's not even a nipple!"

                "The heir that Nanba Tian is looking for is nothing more than that!"