Medical Genius Chapter 1460

 A few men surrounded Lin Mo in the middle with great vigour and attacked him at the same time.

                These men struck in a very strange direction, several of them struck together, surprisingly blocking all of Lin Mo's retreats, making it impossible for Lin Mo to dodge.

                Moreover, the position of these few people was also very special. They appeared to be scattered, but in fact, the positions of several people happened to be the most suitable ones for supporting each other.

                If Lin Mo did not dodge, but instead struck out to counter one of them, the others would be able to quickly join forces to rescue him.

                In other words, Lin Mo was unable to dodge, and if he struck out to counterattack, he would have to fight these several people at the same time.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but frown.

                He could tell that this was a very skilled technique of combined attacks.

                These people, they had been specially trained.

                Their own strength was actually quite average, but with such a combined attack technique, several people joining forces would be able to fight against characters whose strength far exceeded theirs by several times.

                No wonder these people didn't take the Crown Prince seriously. Even if the Crown Prince was as strong as this, I'm afraid he would have to be beaten hand over fist in the face of these few people's combined attack technique!

                However, this combined attack technique did not mean much to Lin Mo.

                This was because in the inheritance of the jade pendant, there were many records of this combined attack technique.

                In Lin Mo's eyes, this was nothing at all.

                As these men lunged forward, Lin Mo casually took a step forward. Immediately afterwards, he quickly took two more steps to the left, surprisingly dodging all the attacks of these men.

                Throughout the whole process, Lin Mo kept his hands behind his back, as if he was strolling through a garden.

                Behind him, the Crown Prince looked dumbfounded, while Li Tiezui was filled with joy.

                As for these few people, they were dumbfounded on the spot.

                They were well aware of the power of this combined attack technique, and even when they encountered that truly powerful person, the other side would at most just forcefully break out.

                They had never encountered such a situation before, where the other party had casually taken a few steps and unexpectedly walked out of their encirclement.

                What the hell was this situation?

                Several people looked at each other and once again turned to pounce on Lin Mo, attacking him with all their might.

                Lin Mo wandered in the middle of these few people's encirclement, just walking, not needing to dodge or counterattack at all.

                The seemingly seamless attacks of these few men were useless against Lin Mo.

                After almost three minutes, Lin Mo had basically figured out the combined attacks of these few people.

                They seemed to be very powerful, but in fact, they had not even reached the most basic ones. I don't know if it was because they hadn't trained properly, or if they didn't have a complete secret book!

                Lin Mo also stopped talking nonsense and struck out directly, swiftly knocking down all these few people.

                Although the strength of these men was not weak, to Lin Mo today, it was like nothing.

                After that, Lin Mo rushed straight into the hall.

                In the hall, the young man from before was sitting on the sofa, leisurely sipping a glass of red wine.

                Not far away from him, a girl was hanging from the beam with her hands tied.

                The girl's body was bloodied in many places, her nose was bruised and swollen, and she looked quite miserable.

                On the way over, Lin Mo had already found out why Xu Hanxia had been arrested.

                He had learned that Xu Hanxia had been captured by these people because she was trying to save a girl.

                When he saw this girl now, Lin Mo's face changed violently.

                This girl had ended up like this, so could Xu Hanxia have been injured as well?

                At this moment, a man in the hall walked straight over and said angrily, "What are you doing?"

                "Who let you guys in?"

                "We have already chartered the Lake of the Moon, no one is allowed to enter, how did you all get in?"

                "Where are the people outside? Weren't you told to keep watch?"

                At this moment, an injured man staggered in and said in a trembling voice, "They ...... they injured us and broke in hard ......"