Medical Genius Chapter 1456

 It was obvious that Xu Jiankong Fang Hui's view of General Manager Yang had changed a lot.

                Although Mr. Yang had some small conflicts with them before, these times, Mr. Yang had sent so many things, those small grudges before were no longer important.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, to him, this Mr. Yang was just a small person.

                His focus was still on the Ten Great Families.

                During this period of time, he had constantly challenged the Ten Great Families, while the Ten Great Families had chosen to give in every time, which made him a little uneasy in his heart.

                He knew that the Ten Great Families definitely did not submit to him.

                However, with such disobedience, the Ten Great Families had always chosen to hold back, which could only mean that the Ten Great Families must be brewing something bigger.

                After sitting inside the house for a while, Lin Mo looked at the time, it was already half past four.

                However, Xu Hanxia had not yet returned.

                According to reason, she was only meeting a few suppliers, it wouldn't take so long.

                Lin Mo was a little worried and called Xu Hanxia.

                As a result, the phone was turned off after the call.

                Lin Mo's face changed violently, Xu Hanxia's mobile phone was never switched off, could it be that she had encountered some kind of situation?

                Without thinking too much, Lin Mo immediately jumped up.

                As he walked towards the door, he said in a deep voice, "Mom and Dad, you two stay in the room and don't go anywhere."

                "I'm going out to run some errands."

                Seeing that he was not in the right mood, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui hurriedly said, "Lin Mo, what happened?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, he didn't want these two to worry along.

                "Anyway, just don't go anywhere, you two."

                Lin Mo instructed, and then hurriedly left.

                After leaving the door, he immediately called the Crown Prince again and asked him to send some bodyguards over to protect Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui.

                At the same time, he also told the Crown Prince about Xu Hanxia.

                Although Lin Mo was now known as the prince of Guangdong Province, in fact, he basically had little control over this side of the province.

                He still needed the Crown Prince's help to do things on the provincial side.

                As for the Ten Great Families and Ma Tiancheng, Lin Mo did not count on them at all.

                It was good that the Ten Great Families did not trip him up, and Ma Tiancheng, Lin Mo did not have much trust in him yet.

                When the prince learnt the news, he immediately arranged for his men to protect Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui.

                After that, he rushed to join Lin Mo at the first opportunity.

                Following the prince was Li Tiezui.

                Li Tiezui, still with that lewd look, had his hair combed in a greasy manner.

                During this period of time, when Xu Hanxia was here, Li Tiezui was with the Crown Prince all day long.

                The two of them were kind of in sympathy with each other, and they would go to the bar together every night to have a good time.

                After meeting up, Lin Mo briefly talked about the situation.

                After hearing Lin Mo's words, the crown prince frowned and looked at Li Tiezui: "Old man Li, what do you think about this?"

                Li Tiezui showed his teeth, "This is the provincial city, no matter what happens, it cannot escape the eyes of the Ten Great Families."

                "But, the Ten Great Families haven't told you anything."

                "Then the only possibility is that the Ten Great Families are also involved in this matter!"

                Lin Mo slowly nodded his head, his thoughts were the same as Li Tiezui's.

                This was also the reason why he didn't contact the Ten Great Families!

                He even suspected that the Ten Great Families were simply behind this matter.

                He knew that the Ten Great Families must be brewing a big plan, and perhaps, this was their plan.

                The prince frowned tightly, "But if we don't contact the Ten Families, then how are we going to find General Xu?"

                Li Tiezui smiled, "In this part of the provincial city, it's not that difficult to find someone."

                "Don't worry, I'll take care of the matter of finding someone."

                "Lin Mo, this problem, the most serious thing is not whether we can find someone, but what exactly is the identity of the other party!"