Medical Genius Chapter 1453

 Hearing Li Hongsheng's words, the supervisor's face couldn't help but change.

                He was also too angry just now, which was why he had confronted Li Hongsheng.

                And now, Li Hongsheng's words made him suddenly startled.

                Although he was now fired, Li Hongsheng still had a lot of leverage on him in his hands.

                Once Li Hongsheng pursued him, he would be in trouble.

                The supervisor squeezed out a smile on his face and hurriedly said, "Chairman, you ...... have misunderstood."

                "I didn't actually mean that, I ...... I ......"

                Li Hongsheng waved his hand directly, "You don't need to say anything!"

                "What's the matter, you go and talk to the lawyer!"

                Li Hongsheng gave a wink to the person beside him, "Call the police!"

                This person immediately pulled out his mobile phone to call the police.

                The supervisor almost pissed himself in fear as he hurriedly pounced over to try to block it.

                "Chairman, Chairman, let's talk properly."

                "I have followed you for so many years, I have worked hard without merit, you ...... why do you need to call the police for this trivial matter ......"

                The supervisor pleaded in a trembling voice.

                Li Hongsheng didn't even look at him, a few people around him had already dragged that supervisor away.

                The supervisor kept pleading, but no one paid any attention to him.

                This was all the result of his own fault.

                As for Lin Mo, he didn't bother to pay any attention to the supervisor and drove away directly.

                In fact, the bet with the supervisor was nothing.

                Lin Mo's real aim was to settle this supervisor.

                This was a villain, and staying outside would always be a scourge.

                Let Li Hongsheng send him to jail to save trouble later.

                Mr. Yang could see Lin Mo's intention, he came over to Li Hongsheng and said in a deep voice, "This matter, well well done."

                "Remember, the longer this person is in prison, the better!"

                Li Hongsheng slowly nodded his head.

                In fact, he had not called the police before because he was mindful of his old feelings.

                And since this supervisor had just cursed at him like that, Li Hongsheng was also infuriated, so naturally he would not let this supervisor go.

                Next, Mr. Yang stayed here and helped Li Lin move those students.

                Mr. Yang personally arranged for a car and manpower to help these students move their things.

                In fact, these students didn't have much stuff.

                Coupled with the fact that there were many hands arranged on Mr. Yang's side, it didn't take long for them to all be moved to South Linn City.

                As promised before, it was those masters and doctors who lived in Building 1.

                Li Lin personally took them there, and when the crowd saw the environment of Building One and the luxurious decoration inside, they were all in awe.

                Previously, although they knew that Lin Mo was not simple, they were still a little apprehensive at that time when they had not seen anything substantial.

                Now, seeing the dormitory they were staying in, all of them were so luxurious, the crowd sort of completely understood that this boss of theirs was really not simple ah.

                As for the undergraduates, they were arranged by Mr. Yang to live in other houses in South Lin Cheng.

                General Manager Yang had commandeered all the vacant houses on this side of South Linn City, and finally, he handed over dozens of keys to Li Lin.

                "Miss Li, these are the keys to those houses, I'll leave them to you for safekeeping."

                "If you need anything later, you can contact me."

                Mr. Yang said with a smile.

                Li Lin was full of shock: "Mr. Yang, this ...... is so much?"

                "This is dozens of houses, we can't afford to live in this many now!"

                Mr. Yang laughed, "It's alright, just because you can't live in it now doesn't mean you can't live in it later."

                "I heard from Mr. Lin that this pharmacy has more than twenty chain shops in the provincial capital."

                "In the future, there will only be more and more employees, and the more dormitories will be needed."

                "Keep these for you guys as a backup first, and if there aren't enough houses later on, you can tell me and I'll come back to help arrange them!"

                Li Lin was shocked to the core, this Mr. Yang, working for Lin Mo, was really dedicated to his work.

                She took the key, and her heart was also bursting with excitement.

                What she was holding in her hand now were dozens of houses in South Linn City!