Medical Genius Chapter 1452

 Leaving the matter here to Li Lin, Lin Mo was ready to leave.

                Just as he turned around, he saw a man standing not far away, none other than the supervisor from before.

                He had been fired by Li Hongsheng and had lost his job, with a lost face.

                And when he saw Lin Mo, his eyes immediately filled with resentment.

                Obviously, he blamed Lin Mo for everything that had happened today.

                If it wasn't for Lin Mo, he wouldn't have lost his job at all!

                Lin Mo originally did not intend to take care of him, but looking at his resentful gaze, he knew that if he did not tame him, this person might cause some more trouble in the future.

                This kind of villain, he didn't dare to fight you squarely, but stumbling behind your back would also give people a headache.

                Therefore, he walked directly to the supervisor and said softly, "The two of us, I think we even made a bet, remember?"

                "Now, I've recruited enough for ten masters and ten doctors, shouldn't you admit defeat?"

                The supervisor's face instantly turned white, he gritted his teeth and stared deadly at Lin Mo: "I ...... have been fired from the company, are you still not satisfied?"

                "What good will it do you if you insult me in public like this?"

                Lin Mo's expression was calm: "It was a bet you insisted on making with me at that time, how can it be considered that I insulted you?"

                "Besides, if I lose this time, will you still let me off the hook?"

                The supervisor exclaimed, "Of course I will let you go!"

                "I'm a person who can't do that kind of thing that drives people to their death!"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly, he knew that this supervisor was purely talking nonsense.

                With his character of acting wildly, if he had the upper hand this time, then he would definitely do things to the extreme.

                It was only that he was now at a disadvantage, which was why he had said something like that, trying to use public opinion to exert pressure towards Lin Mo.

                Quite a few people around were watching this side, and the supervisor's words drew the support of many people.

                In their opinion, this supervisor had already fallen to the current state.

                For Lin Mo to still treat him like this was simply too much!

                Lin Mo stared at the supervisor, "Willing to bet and accept defeat."

                "Since you made the bet with me, you have to bear the result."

                "I'll just ask you this, are you willing to honour your promise or not."

                The supervisor's face was blue, he had just made a bet with Lin Mo that he would have to call his grandfather three times if he lost.

                Now that he had lost his job, he was naturally unwilling to lose face as well.

                He gritted his teeth and said angrily, "This person you've recruited is someone else helping you, not really someone you recruited yourself."

                "You used such a despicable method to win, I'm not convinced!"

                At this moment, General Manager Yang and Li Hongsheng had already walked over.

                Hearing this, Li Hongsheng was instantly annoyed and pointed at the supervisor and cursed, "What the fuck did you say?"

                "Try saying it again ......"

                The supervisor used to be very fearful of Li Hongsheng, but now that he had even lost his job, he had long since broken his jar.

                With a direct glare, he broke into a curse, "I just don't like it, what's wrong?"

                "Li Hongsheng, you still fucking think I'm an employee of your company?"

                "You've already fired me, from now on, we don't have any relationship, who are you to tell me what to do?"

                Li Hongsheng was furious and confused, he didn't expect that this supervisor who used to be subservient and respectful to him would now dare to speak to him like this.

                "Do you ...... really think that I can't control you now?"

                Li Hongsheng roared.

                The supervisor sneered, "Laozi used to count on you for food, and you could ride on my head to shit and piss."

                "Now, huh, you're nothing in my eyes!"

                Li Hongsheng burst out in anger, "Good! Good! Yes!"

                "You've got some fucking balls!"

                "That's right, now that you're not an employee of my company anymore, I'm indeed not qualified to order you around."

                "But, the little thing you did in my company, isn't it time for us to settle the score?"