Medical Genius Chapter 1451

 The youth who asked earlier, in fact, the main purpose, was to ask about the salary and the dormitory.

                Lin Mo could see what they had in mind, so he answered directly and dryly.

                Hearing Lin Mo's words, these students instantly became excited.

                They were facing graduation and would soon be leaving the school, and they were even running out of a place to live.

                Now, Lin Mo directly let them move to the dormitory, which was great news, at least they didn't have to worry about the accommodation.

                As for counting their salaries from now on, this made them even more grateful.

                After all, they all belonged to the category of poor students, and even their living expenses had to be calculated precisely to every single dollar.

                As a result, now they would start getting paid directly, so they wouldn't have to worry about anything ah.

                One youth even bent down to Lin Mo in excitement, "Many thanks, Mr. Lin!"

                Seeing this, the others followed suit and bent down to Lin Mo, "Many thanks to Mr Lin!"

                Li Lin stood by and watched this scene, her heart also filled with emotion.

                This was the result of meeting a good boss, if it was one of those unscrupulous bosses, there was no way they would have been treated so well ah.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and waved his hand, when he was looking for a job before, he was much more miserable than these students and he knew very well the plight of these people.

                Now that he had the means, he would offer them some help in whatever way he could ah.

                "Those who need to move into the dormitory tonight can go to Li Lin to register."

                "Li Lin, after you have registered later, contact the vehicles directly and help them move their things over to the new dormitory."

                Lin Mo instructed.

                Those students were all full of excitement and surrounded Li Lin: "Sister Lin, I want to move there tonight."

                "Sister Lin, I'm moving there too, I want to get familiar with the company earlier."

                "Sister Lynn, I'm going too, I'm going too ......"

                Li Lin was surrounded by the crowd and couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

                She got rid of the crowd and came over to Lin Mo and whispered, "Mr. Lin, we only have dormitories for those masters and doctors."

                "If these undergraduates come over, the dormitory on our side is not enough."

                "As you know, that building in South Lincheng, there are only six floors and not many houses ......"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, this was a problem ah.

                It was hard not to run to rent some more houses specifically for this matter?

                He was just about to speak, at this moment, Chief Yang came over, "Mr. Lin, this matter, you should not worry about it."

                "I'll take care of this dormitory matter."

                "That developer in South Linn City, is my buddy."

                "Inside their hands, there are still some houses that haven't been sold, they've all been renovated, and are intended for some of the top brass to live in."

                "I'll immediately commandeer all these houses and give them to you as staff dormitories!"

                Lin Mo, nodded straight away, "Okay."

                "Li Lin, you dovetail with General Manager Yang, this matter will be left at your disposal."

                Although Lin Mo didn't even glance at General Manager Yang, he was overjoyed.

                The fact that Lin Mo did not refuse was the best thing that could happen to him.

                With Lin Mo's status, it was an honour for him to work for Lin Mo.

                The fact that Lin Mo had not been polite to him was enough to show that he had Lin Mo's approval.

                He did not expect to become Lin Mo's friend, but with Lin Mo's strength, even if he became one of Lin Mo's subordinates, he would still be able to follow him and soar to great heights.

                Chief Yang immediately turned to Li Lin and smiled, "Miss Li, I'll take care of the house."

                "You should first count how many people are moving to South Linn City."

                "I'll have someone arrange for a car to come and help them move their things."

                Li Lin secretly sighed in her heart.

                This General Manager Yang, in the past, didn't even put a salesperson like her in his eyes.

                And now, he was even polite and respectful to her, all because of Lin Mo's face.