Medical Genius Chapter 1450

 With something like this happening, Lin Mo's place, at once, became the focus of the whole place.

                Where no one had asked for a place, it was now directly surrounded by those students.

                Although it was written that only masters and PhDs were being recruited, many undergraduates also ran over to try to see if they could find any opportunities.

                The two of them, Li Lin and Lin Mo, were simply too busy to receive so many people.

                Seeing this, Mr Yang immediately called his own people and asked them to help with the reception.

                He, too, personally ran over to help with the arrangements, even more than Lin Mo.

                The three headmasters also contacted the students in their own schools and asked them to come over to participate in the recruitment.

                In a short while, there were many high-calibre students in medicine, including some of the top students.

                These students had already been contacted by many companies in advance, and they were now choosing which company to go to.

                However, after seeing Lin Mo's offer, they immediately didn't have to think about the choice anymore.

                No matter how big those companies were, the treatment they offered was far inferior to Lin Mo's side.

                As for what the prospects of Lin Mo's pharmacy actually were, they didn't have to worry about it at all.

                Because, their headmaster had already told them all.

                This boss, who was very powerful, had assets no worse than those of the top ten tycoons in the Canton Province.

                If they followed such a boss, even if it was just a small clinic, they would still have a bright future in the future.

                Of course, this was also their headmaster, who really did not know Lin Mo well. It was only based on Yang's situation to judge that Lin Mo had assets no less than those of the top ten tycoons.

                And in fact, Lin Mo's strength was far beyond their imagination.

                If these three headmasters could have known Lin Mo's true strength, then they would have only grabbed their heads for Lin Mo's place here!

                How many people would be able to come across such an opportunity to work for the company of the Venerable of the Canton Province?

                In the end, under Li Lin's various comparisons, they signed ten masters and ten doctors, which were considered the core technical members of the pharmacy.

                Of course, later on, they signed up dozens of undergraduates in medicine.

                The treatment was not as good as a master's degree or a doctorate or something like that, but it was still far beyond what other companies offered.

                These students who had signed contracts were all jumping around with joy as if they had won the lottery.

                As for the young man who was brought by Li Lin earlier, he did not sign the contract straight away because he was hesitant.

                The senior students from several schools behind him all came, and with his qualifications, he simply couldn't compete with those academics.

                In the end, he didn't sign at all and sort of lost the best opportunity.

                The other three, on the other hand, chose to sign straight away at that time and were given such an opportunity straight away.

                You know, these three people, professionally, were not even as good as him.

                However, just because they decisively chose to sign up, they directly got this job opportunity that made people grab their heads.

                He was crouching in the corner alone, his eyes tearing up.

                As their headmaster had said, sometimes in one's life, choice is greater than effort.

                Such a good opportunity had fallen in his lap, but as a result, he had failed to grasp it, which made him regretful to the core.

                At the end of the job fair, those students who had signed up were still gathered here and could not leave.

                The young man who had signed the contract the earliest looked at Li Lin and said apprehensively, "Sister Lin, we ...... have signed the contract, when can we go to work?"

                All those other students also looked at Li Lin with eager faces.

                Li Lin smiled, "To work, I guess the last month, it is unlikely."

                Everyone's faces changed, they were about to graduate. If they didn't go to work in the last month, what would they do in the next month?

                At this moment, Lin Mo suddenly said, "Although you don't have to work recently, but you have signed the contract, you are employees of this company."

                "Your salaries, starting from today, will be paid on the fifteenth of every month."

                "Also, the company has promised accommodation, and you can move in now."