Medical Genius Chapter 1449

 The supervisor froze for a while and ran over to hug Li Hongsheng's legs, "Chairman, Chairman, you can't fire me!"

                "I have worked so hard for the company for so many years, there is no merit but also hard work."

                "You ...... you can't fire me just because of someone else's words."

                "How many people in the company will be chilled if you do that?"

                Li Hongsheng's face was cold and he glanced at him obliquely, "Shut up you!"

                "Do you really think I'm not clear in my mind about the things you've done behind my back?"

                "I'm telling you, if you know what you're doing, roll up your bunk and get out."

                "Otherwise, I'll have to settle those things with you, and you won't just get out of the company."

                "For all the things you've done, it would be no problem to put you in jail for a few years!"

                The supervisor's face turned pale and he didn't dare to say another word of nonsense.

                Over the years, after he had become the deputy director of the human resources department, he had indeed done many things that were unseemly.

                Especially in terms of the company's personnel, he had used the power in his hands to scrounge up a lot of oil and water. He had even, by coercion, molested a few girls in the company.

                Because he had more power in his hands, he became inflated.

                Overly arrogant, he was also uncaring on the outside, and just now, he had taunted Lin Mo because of this.

                But he had never dreamed that this seemingly shabby, unnamed pharmacy owner would have such a background of strength.

                Li Hongsheng was his boss, and as a result, Li Hongsheng had to nod and bow to General Manager Yang.

                And that Chief Yang stood beside Lin Mo, always bending over, looking as if he was a dog wagging his tail.

                This ring after ring of relationships made it impossible for him to imagine what kind of a heaven defying figure Lin Mo was.

                But there was no doubt that even his boss, Li Hongsheng, had no capital to speak in front of Lin Mo!

                At this moment, the surrounding crowd, too, was shocked by the situation.

                Li Hongsheng, in the pharmaceutical industry of Guangdong Province, was considered a well-known figure.

                The fact that such a big figure came personally made the crowd believe even more in Lin Mo's strength.

                Moreover, even the building in South Linlin City had been confirmed to be true, so what else did the crowd have to doubt now?

                The three youths who had signed the contract earlier were now all filled with excitement and joy.

                They had just seized the opportunity and signed the contract straight away, which was the same as being Lin Mo's employees now.

                The salary and treatment, they would all be able to enjoy, this was the benefit of signing the contract in advance.

                As for the young man who hesitated and did not sign the contract, his intestines were now turning blue with regret.

                If he had just signed up directly, he would now be an employee of Lin Mo's side.

                Now, it was basically impossible for him to sign again.

                After hesitating for a while, he approached Principal Dong with an apprehensive face and said in a low voice, "Principal, I ...... want to go to this company of General Manager Lin."

                "Can you talk to General Lin and sign me up as well?"

                "After all, I ...... I was just among the earliest group of people to come, ah."

                This youth, was a student of Principal Dong's school.

                Headmaster Dong glanced at him with hatred, "What's the use of coming early?"

                "You didn't sign when I asked you to sign just now, now you want to sign? It's too late!"

                "Now that everyone knows about the treatment and strength of other people's side, do you know how many people will come running to compete?"

                "Do you think, with your strength, you can stand out among so many people competing?"

                The youth's face was embarrassed and he lowered his head without saying a word.

                Headmaster Dong sighed and shook his head, "Ai, in one's life, there are some opportunities that, once missed, are hard to come across again."

                "In all my years as a headmaster, this is the first time I've come across a job with such a good deal, but you just missed it."

                "There's an old saying that's true, people, sometimes choice is more important than effort!"