Medical Genius Chapter 1446

 When this statement was made, it immediately led to a lot of commotion from the surrounding crowd of onlookers.

                Earlier, these few headmasters came over, causing the surrounding crowd to quietly speculate in their hearts that this Lin Mo could not really be some big shot?

                However, these words from the supervisor now made the crowd suspicious again.

                This couldn't be a con man who was working together to cheat people, could it?

                After all, in a place like South Linn City, it was really unlikely that one would want to own an entire building.

                Not to mention the value of the building, the fact that there were restrictions on buying in the provincial capital alone made it impossible for him to own a whole building in South Linn City!

                A few headmasters looked at each other, they couldn't figure out what was going on here.

                However, they still believed in Mr. Yang.

                After all, Mr. Yang was a famous businessman in the provincial capital and had been doing business there for decades, so he could not fake it.

                Headmaster Chen said straight away, "You, this person, can really talk nonsense."

                "What do you mean by bringing this building for you to see?"

                "Whose building is carried around with them?"

                Headmaster Zhou glanced at that supervisor, "Of course we will be responsible for our own students."

                "Since we introduced our students to Mr. Lin, that means we absolutely trust him."

                "It's you, on the other hand, who are you to slander Mr. Lin as a liar?"

                Headmaster Dong calmly said, "The student has just graduated, so where he lives is not crucial."

                "However, I believe that since Mr. Lin can say it, he must be able to do it."

                "Even if they don't all live in South Linn City, the treatment that Mr. Lin gives them will certainly not be bad!"

                With these words, Principal Dong was actually rounding up for Lin Mo.

                After all, in his opinion, trying to have a building in a place like South Linn City was indeed an unlikely thing.

                Therefore, he had directly said that it might not necessarily be necessary to live in South Linn City, and that it was fine to live elsewhere, in fact, he was giving Lin Mo a step down.

                The supervisor did not expect that these three headmasters would all speak for Lin Mo.

                He couldn't help but be annoyed and said loudly, "Humph, letting these staff live in South Linn City is a promise he gave before."

                "If even this promise cannot be fulfilled, then what makes you believe that he can fulfill the rest of his promises?"

                "Three headmasters, you claim that you think about the future of your students and are responsible for them?"

                "Then I ask you, do you actually know this man? Know what his company is like? Do you know how he is treated?"

                "You don't even know if he owns a building in South Linn City, so who are you to say that you are responsible for your students?"

                The three headmasters were speechless, not knowing how to retort for a while, and could only look at Chief Yang helplessly.

                General Manager Yang's face was ironic, he had specifically sought out the three headmasters today because he wanted to recommend some talents to Lin Mo, so that he could get closer to him.

                He knew very well that with Lin Mo's strength, if he could work for Lin Mo, then his position in Guang Province would definitely soar in the future ah.

                But now, the things that he had managed to get done were being stirred up like this by this supervisor, which simply made him go crazy with anger.

                He gritted his teeth and looked at the supervisor, saying angrily, "Are you from Hongsheng Pharmaceutical?"

                The supervisor had an arrogant look on his face, "That's right, I'm the deputy head of human resources at Hongsheng Pharmaceutical!"

                Mr. Yang slowly nodded his head and suddenly said, "Good, from now on, you are fired!"

                The supervisor froze for a moment, he looked at Mr. Yang indignantly, "What are you ...... talking about?"

                "What are you, who are you to fire me?"

                "I'm telling you ......"

                Without waiting for him to speak, Mr. Yang waved his hand impatiently, "Go, call and ask Li Hongsheng to come see me."

                The supervisor's face changed: "You ...... know our chairman? How dare you call our chairman by his name?"

                Mr. Yang broke into a curse, "Dong fucking chairman!"

                "What kind of shit is he in Laozi's place!"

                "Tell him that in less than ten minutes, I'll make his Hongsheng Pharmaceutical go bankrupt!"