Medical Genius Chapter 1445

 The headmaster of such a college is not something that ordinary people can just meet when they want to.

                Even for students like them, they might not be able to meet the headmaster once in a year.

                And now, these few headmasters, all standing here, looked at Lin Mo with a hint of respect even, what was the situation?

                Seeing these headmasters, Lin Mo finally stood up and greeted them.

                For this kind of cultural people, Lin Mo still had a lot of respect!

                Several headmasters were even more polite to Lin Mo, coming over to shake his hand and greet him.

                In fact, they didn't know Lin Mo, but Mr. Yang had told them about him.

                This Mr. Yang, who had a lot of energy in the provincial capital, also had a lot of business involvement with the university city side.

                These headmasters, and Mr. Yang were old acquaintances.

                They had learnt from Mr Yang that even the Ten Great Families had to treat Lin Mo with respect, so they naturally did not dare to treat him with half-heartedness.

                After a few pleasantries, Principal Chen smiled and said, "Mr. Lin, you're treated very well here."

                "I think that the students of our school are very suitable for a company like yours."

                "How about this, I'll make a call later and have all of our students come to see you, how about that?"

                Next to him, Principal Zhou immediately said, "Old Chen, your school, there are only a few people in the pharmaceutical category."

                "Mr. Lin, there are still more people in the medicine category in our school, why don't I introduce you to them?"

                Headmaster Dong said smilingly, "Mr. Lin, in recruiting people, it's more important to be precise than to have many."

                "Our school, there are many high caliber students, I can recommend them to you ......"

                Before the words were finished, Principal Chen immediately said, "What kind of words do you call that?"

                "Our school's students, professional knowledge that is very solid ......"

                Headmaster Zhou: "You say that as if anyone's students' professional knowledge is not solid ......"

                As they spoke, several headmasters began to argue first.

                In order to introduce students to Lin Mo, they themselves first got red in the face.

                In fact, this was quite normal.

                As headmasters, they all want their students to get better jobs and be able to have better treatment and prospects.

                Not to mention Lin Mo's own status, the ten major families all had to treat him with respect, and that was definitely the number one person in Guangdong Province.

                Following such a boss, first of all, there is no need to talk about his status and future.

                Once they are appreciated by the boss, a casual promotion can catch up with their decades of hard work.

                Moreover, they have never seen such wages and treatment before.

                Who wouldn't want their students to earn more money?

                So, several headmasters argued endlessly, all for the benefit of their students.

                Those people next to them were stunned, no one had expected that a shabby pharmacy, which they had previously despised, would have several headmasters arguing.

                Those few youths looked at each other, and one of them suddenly grabbed the contract on the table and said sharply, "Mr. Lin, I ...... I am willing to sign up here with you."

                "This contract, you see, where do I sign?"

                Several other people came back to their senses and picked up the contract on the table, yelling that they wanted to sign.

                Several headmasters were arguing, so how could they dare to wait any longer?

                If they signed the contract first and settled the matter, they would be taking advantage of the situation!

                Lin Mo was just about to speak, but at that moment, the supervisor said directly, "A few headmasters, you should look carefully."

                "You, as headmasters, can't be careless when introducing jobs to students."

                "If this were to be cheated by a fraudster, wouldn't that ruin your reputation for life?"

                Hearing this, Yang was the first to get angry, "Who the fuck are you calling a liar?"

                The supervisor sneered, "I'm talking about him!"

                "Hmph, he just said that he wanted to take a building in South Linn City as staff quarters."

                "Come on, come on, you say he's not a liar, then let him take out this building in South Linn City for me to see!"