Medical Genius Chapter 1444

 At this moment, a man beside the supervisor also sneered, "Something like a contract, you still have to trust those big corporations and big companies."

                "What kind of pharmacy is this, I've never even heard of their name, can I trust the contracts they offer?"

                "You young people, who have never experienced the darkness of society, have no idea how abhorrent the scammers in this world really are."

                "This kind of contract, once you sign it, you probably won't be able to turn your lives around."

                "Young people, when looking for a job, it is normal to look at the salary and the package, but you should not be blinded by this salary and package."

                "You have to remember one thing, when things go wrong, there will be demons!"

                Several youths were so frightened that their faces turned white, and when they looked at Lin Mo, it was as if they were looking at a man-eating demon.

                Li Lin was so angry that her body shivered and pointed at the supervisor and said loudly, "You ...... are spewing blood!"

                "What makes us unable to offer such wages and treatment?"

                "Do you know what kind of status our boss has?"

                "This salary and treatment is nothing to them."

                "My boss, the building in South Lin City, just happens to be idle, so it's taken out as staff quarters, it's for the sake of the staff, what's not to like?"

                "Our boss sees talent, so he gives such a salary package."

                "You ...... who are you to wrong people like this?"

                The supervisor sneered: "Who has wronged people?"

                "I'm just analysing the situation!"

                "If you think I've wronged you, then prove it to me!"

                "Let's not talk about anything else, can you prove to me about this building in South Lin City alone?"

                The crowd next to him burst into laughter, and one of them shouted, "Right, you prove the matter of this dormitory first!"

                "As long as you can prove that your boss has a building in South Linn City, then we'll believe you!"

                Even those few youths were looking at Li Lin.

                In their opinion, to think that there was a building in South Linn City was simply nonsense!

                Li Lin was in a hurry, how could she prove such a thing?

                Could she just take these people to South Linn City?

                The supervisor glanced obliquely at Lin Mo, a cold smile on his face.

                In his opinion, Lin Mo was a liar.

                Today, not only was he going to expose Lin Mo's deception, he was going to make him lose face!

                Lin Mo didn't say anything either, he was always sitting on the fishing platform, not even willing to explain a word.

                Just as chaos reigned over here, in the distance, a few people suddenly walked over in a hurry.

                The one at the front was none other than Mr. Yang.

                He was followed by a few people who, judging from their dress, were not ordinary people.

                As soon as he saw Lin Mo sitting at the scene, his face immediately changed to a flattering expression.

                He walked over with a sarcastic smile and bent directly towards Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, how are you!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him and was slightly taken aback, "Chief Yang, what brings you here?"

                Chief Yang hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, it's like this."

                "Two days ago when I was helping to clean up my home, I heard Miss Lin Lin mention that you wanted to recruit some staff here today."

                "I happen to be more familiar with the leaders of these colleges, so I ...... I specifically invited them over today just to match up with you."

                "What kind of talents you need on your side, you can just tell them."

                "They will definitely fully cooperate with you!"

                It was only at this moment that the crowd noticed those few people behind General Manager Yang.

                The supervisor next to him stared in disbelief, "Principal Chen? Headmaster Zhou? Headmaster Dong? You guys ...... how come you are all here?"

                The few youths, on the other hand, were even more full of shock.

                One should know that these few people who had come were all leaders of several major universities on this side of the university city.

                A few of their headmasters were with them too!