Medical Genius Chapter 1443

 Not only were the youths stunned, but even the people from the two pharmaceutical companies next to them were also stunned.

                They prided themselves on their good treatment, but when compared to Lin Mo's side, it was a world of difference!

                Li Lin smiled and said, "Seniors, this is the normal treatment of our company."

                "Also, your housing, which is still inside a high-end district in Guang Province, is in South Linn City!"

                "Our boss, has a whole small building in South Linn City, just for you highly educated seniors to live in."

                "As long as you all sign up with our company, tonight, you can move there straight away!"

                At these words, these young people couldn't help but cajole up, they were all quite excited ah.

                Although they were not badly educated, even if they signed up with the best company, now they could only live in a single room at most.

                Moreover, it was a single room in a run-down neighbourhood.

                Now, signing up with this pharmacy and directly mastering a high-end district like South Linn City, this is simply a breakthrough in their imagination!

                South Lin City, that was a well-known high-end district in Guang Province.

                Given their situation, it was likely that they might not be able to afford to buy a house in it in their lifetime.

                Now, once they graduated, they could directly live in it, this was too luxurious.

                A youth immediately said, "General Lin, is this ...... treatment all true?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly: "All these treatments, will be written inside our signing contract."

                "This contract, is legally valid!"

                The youth immediately became excited and said, "Mr. Lin, when can I sign then?"

                "I'm a doctor of clinical medicine and will be graduating soon."

                "I ...... I can go over and work anytime ......"

                Several other youths also spoke excitedly, wanting to sign up on Lin Mo's side.

                Lin Mo smiled and nodded, "No problem."

                "We can sign up right now!"

                "Little Li, you take out our contract."

                Li Lin immediately took out the contract, and a few people on this side were just about to sign when that supervisor suddenly came over.

                "Surnamed Lin, I just can't stand it anymore."

                "We can't do things without a bottom line, right?"

                "Can you live with your conscience if you cheat a group of uninitiated university students like this?"

                The supervisor shouted coldly.

                Several youths immediately stopped their movements and looked at Lin Mo warily.

                Lin Mo: "How did I lie to them?"

                The supervisor sneered: "How did you cheat them, do I need to tell you?"

                "First of all, let's talk about this salary of yours, this salary of yours, it's already more than three to five times the average salary."

                "This pharmacy of yours, just how much money do you make? How dare you offer such a salary?"

                "Plus, this issue of your treatment, that's just too much to blow."

                "I'll leave it at that, you few think about it yourselves, with this restriction on purchasing in the provincial city now, what makes him able to have a building in South Linn City?"

                Several young people's faces changed instantly and they put down the contracts in their hands.

                Seeing this situation, the supervisor sneered in his heart and immediately said, "Fine, even if he really has a building in South Lin City."

                "But, do you know how many houses are in a building?"

                "And how much is this one house worth?"

                "Let me tell you this, this one small house is worth at least over a hundred million dollars."

                "He took out a small house worth over a hundred million dollars and gave it to you guys as staff quarters?"

                "Forget it, I won't say anymore, think about it yourselves, is this possible?"

                The faces of these youths turned extremely ugly, as if they had really been duped.

                Li Lin was anxious: "Hey, what are you talking about?"

                "We've signed a contract here, all these salary packages, they're all written into the contract."

                "This is still false?"

                The supervisor sneered, "Contracts are the most trustworthy things."

                "Who knows if there will be any hidden clauses in your contract."

                "These young people, who are not deeply involved in the world, will easily be fooled by those contracts with ulterior motives!"