Medical Genius Chapter 1441

 The crowd around them shouted their approval, they were all happy to watch the fun.

                The supervisor sat in his chair, slowly sipping his tea and glancing sorrowfully at Lin Mo every now and then.

                In his opinion, Lin Mo's attempt to recruit ten masters and doctors here was purely a dream.

                First of all, it was rare for a master's doctorate in medicine to need to come out to find a job.

                These are top talents, and before they graduate, they will be signed away by major hospitals, major pharmaceutical companies, or some research institutions.

                Others, on the other hand, will stay at the university and continue their studies or simply teach.

                It can be said that in one morning here, it is hard to say whether there will be ten PhDs in medicine who can come here for the job fair.

                And there are several pharmaceutical companies present, all of which are relatively well-known pharmaceutical companies on this side of the Canton Province.

                Even if those masters and doctors were to look for jobs, they would choose these pharmaceutical companies, and would not choose a small, unknown pharmacy.

                What kind of development could there be in a small pharmacy like that?

                Judging from their experience at previous job fairs, even those undergraduates in medicine would not go to work in pharmacies, let alone those master's degree doctors.

                Therefore, this supervisor felt that he was sure to win this bet, and he just wanted to make Lin Mo make a fool of himself in public.

                After about ten minutes, the job fair started.

                Immediately, a group of people poured into the job fair, all graduates who were looking for jobs.

                They wandered around the job fair, looking for companies that matched their majors, comparing salaries and development prospects, and then determining their choices.

                The two pharmaceutical companies next to them, too, were getting busy pulling people over.

                The ones they were recruiting were also pharmaceutical graduates, and they were in competition with Lin Mo.

                Obviously, the attraction of these two pharmaceutical companies was much greater than that of Lin Mo's pharmacy.

                After a short while, that supervisor signed up three undergraduates.

                The drug company on the other side had also signed up two undergraduates.

                But on Lin Mo's side, no one even came in to take a look.

                For one thing, the layout of Lin Mo's side was too shabby, and for another, no one really wanted to go to an unknown pharmacy.

                The supervisor was standing proudly beside him with his cup of tea, "Buddy, a bad day out, huh?"

                "I've told you, there's no need for a pharmacy like yours to have to do recruitment here."

                "If you go to the health school, you'll probably still be in demand, but you just don't listen to me."

                "Hey, people, without self-awareness, are the most frightening!"

                Several staff members on his side also laughed, and the eyes of all of them were full of mockery when they looked at Lin Mo.

                In their opinion, Lin Mo was purely fooling around.

                Competing in the middle of two well-known pharmaceutical companies, this was not asking for trouble!

                Lin Mo paid no attention to them, and always sat on the fishing platform.

                The supervisor took a sip of his tea and continued, "Buddy, why don't you listen to my advice, why are you so stubborn?"

                "If you admit defeat now, I can save face for you, just call me grandpa, you don't have to call me three times, how about that?"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, glanced at the supervisor and said in a cold voice, "You're afraid?"

                The supervisor laughed outright, "Afraid?"

                "What am I afraid of? You're already like this, could I still lose?"

                "Kid, I'm doing this for your own good, don't you understand?"

                "Fine, since you're bent on going your own way, then I won't persuade you."

                "I'll see how you regret it later!"

                "I'm telling you, there are so many of us watching, you can't renege on your debt!"

                Lin Mo: "I hope you don't regret it!"

                The supervisor sneered, "I regret it?"

                "Heh, don't dream about it!"

                Lin Mo ignored him and looked quietly into the distance.

                For, Li Lin walked back, and by her side, she had a few youths wearing glasses.