Medical Genius Chapter 1440

 Saturday, morning, the provincial university town.

                Lin Mo and the others arrived here early in the morning.

                Li Lin had inquired that there was a job fair on this side of the university city today.

                So, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui decided to take advantage of this opportunity to recruit a group of employees here.

                Xu Hanxia had to meet with some suppliers today, while Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui went to negotiate with the decoration company about the decoration.

                Therefore, Lin Mo was left to do the hard work and came to help with the job fair.

                Luckily, with Li Lin's help, the two of them tossed and turned for more than an hour and finally set up the site.

                After they had packed everything up, Li Lin went to the front to distribute leaflets again, leaving Lin Mo sitting here alone to recruit.

                Around ten o'clock in the morning, all the other companies entered one after another.

                Compared to the atmospheric arrangements of the other companies, the temporary tables Lin Mo had set up on his side looked significantly lower-end.

                Especially when Lin Mo was next to two large companies that were well known in Guangdong Province, the set-up was also extremely high-end.

                When Lin Mo was squeezed into the middle, it looked even more shabby on Lin Mo's side.

                The recruiters of the two companies looked at Lin Mo, and could not hide the ridicule on their faces.

                One of them, a man in his thirties who looked like a supervisor, even mocked him outright, "Hey, buddy, are you here to be funny?"

                "This is a job fair for university students, those who come here are either big companies or big corporations."

                "You're a small pharmacy, why are you here to join the fun?"

                "I'll tell you, fresh graduates are very discerning these days."

                "They don't even care about smaller companies, let alone a small pharmacy like yours."

                "I say, why don't you just go to the health school and see if you can recruit a few people?"

                Several other people burst out laughing along with them.

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "Don't bother."

                "On my side, I don't plan to recruit those freshly graduated college students either."

                The supervisor couldn't help but stare, "If you're not recruiting college students here, then what are you recruiting?"

                "Migrant workers?"

                "Then you've come to the wrong place!"

                The crowd laughed again, their faces filled with mockery.

                Lin Mo's expression was indifferent as he slowly said, "I'm here this time to recruit some masters and PhDs or something like that."

                The crowd around him first froze, then randomly burst into wild laughter.

                The supervisor pointed at Lin Mo and laughed back and forth, "Dude, it's not that I'm looking down on you."

                "Just this little pharmacy of yours, you still want to recruit masters and doctors?"

                "How about if you can recruit more than three undergraduates today, not to mention masters and doctors, you'll win?"

                Lin Mo: "I'm telling you, I want to recruit at least ten masters and doctors today."

                "If you can't recruit, I'll be counted as a loser!"

                The supervisor directly slapped the table: "Good boy, that's what you said!"

                "I've never seen anyone in my life who can brag so much as you!"

                "Today, let's make a bet."

                "If you can't recruit ten masters and doctors, you'll lose."

                "If you recruit them, it's my loss, how about that?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "How about winning, and how about losing?"

                The supervisor gritted his teeth and suddenly said loudly, "If you win, I'll call you grandfather three times."

                "If you lose, humph, you'll call me grandpa three times!"

                "Do you dare to bet with me?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "We don't have any grudges or enemies, why are you doing this?"

                The supervisor let out a wild laugh, "What, are you wimping out?"

                "If you don't dare to bet, it's not too late to admit defeat!"

                Lin Mo sighed, "I just think that there's no need for us to make such a scene since we have no grudges or enemies."

                "However, since you must insist, then I can only play along with you!"

                The supervisor immediately burst into laughter, "Good, let everyone be a witness!"

                "Lest you lose and deny it later!"