Medical Genius Chapter 144-146

 Chapter 144

Hearing this, Peter almost pissed himself in fear and hurriedly said, "I ...... I said it wrong, I am not the president of the Shengyuan Group."

                "But I ...... am really the highly paid one ...... hired back by the Shengyuan Group."

                The surrounding crowd burst into laughter, so this is a liar ah.

                Ping's face swelled red, she also felt humiliated.

                The tiger did not relent: "Put your mother's fart, our company still pays well to hire goods like you?"

                Peter said sharply, "I ...... am telling the truth!"

                Tiger: "Then tell me, what did our company hire you back for!"

                Peter: "I ...... I am mainly responsible for managing the ...... kindergarten ...... of the Shengyuan Group"

                "Bullshit!" Tiger said angrily, "The one who manages the kindergarten is my cousin aunt, when did something like you appear?"

                "Tell me honestly, what exactly do you manage?"

                Peter looked embarrassed: "I ...... I am in charge of managing, one of the ...... classes of the kindergarten ......"

                The crowd all stared, and Tiger laughed outright, "Manage a class?"

                "Damn, you turned out to be a class teacher!"

                "Kindergarten class teacher?"

                "The foreign teacher that our group's kindergarten hired back, right?"

                The crowd around them also laughed, this Peter could really pretend.

                He was only the foreign teacher of a kindergarten under the Shengyuan Group, but he had turned out to be the president of the Shengyuan Group.

                Just now, he was boasting of being a gentleman and civilised, insulting others for being barbaric and rude.

                Only to find out that this Peter himself is a liar.

                Those who had spoken for Peter Ping just now were now feeling extremely humiliated.

                In particular, the girl who was covered in name tags just now was now so ashamed that she was about to burrow into the ground.

                She had just looked at Peter as a tall, handsome, gentlemanly man with so many titles that she had fallen for him for a while.

                Who would have thought that this would be a liar!

                Tiger bristled, "So it's just a piece of rubbish!"

                "Hmph, just this fiancĂ© of yours, and you still dare to come and dine at Yixinxuan?"

                "Aren't you afraid that one meal will make you poor?"

                Ping's face swelled red and she lowered her head without speaking.

                Thinking about what she had just said in mockery of Tiger, now it was simply a slap in the face.

                Lin Mo laughed, "Tiger, don't say that."

                "This Mr. Peter, is a big shot that your Sheng Yuan Group invited back."

                "I heard that the Sheng Yuan Group, has specially prepared a large flat for him in Sheng Shi Hua Ting."

                "You don't want to offend the man, your brother will be angry with you later."

                Tiger: "Is that so?"

                "Which building and flat do you live in in Centurion Hua Ting?"

                Ping gritted her teeth, "Why do you ask so much?"

                "What, like you'll know if I tell you?"

                Tiger sneered, "Coincidentally, I really know."

                "Shengshi Hua Ting and Shengshi Mansion, which happen to be developed by the construction company under our Sheng Yuan Group."

                "I know about every single set in there."

                "I myself have seven or eight houses in Centurion Residence for rent!"

                "The company wouldn't be giving you my house to live in, would they?"

                There was a clamour from the crowd around.

                Seven or eight houses, even if they were all three-bedroom houses, would still cost twenty to thirty million.

                This tiger was a real tycoon!

Chapter 145

Ping couldn't help herself, "You're bragging!"

                "You have seven or eight houses in Centurion Residence?"

                "Why don't you say you have a few more villas in Centurion Mansion?"

                "Just you, or Chen Shengyuan's brother? I think you are simply a liar!"

                At this moment, a man at the next table stood up, "Bitch, how dare you talk to Master Tiger like that?"

                "Who doesn't know Master Tiger on this side of South Street?"

                "You dare to call Master Tiger a liar, believe it or not, I'll kill you!"

                The crowd around them erupted into a frenzy.

                "He's Master Tiger?"

                "Which Master Tiger?"

                "Master Tiger of South Street, who else could it be?"

                "Oh my God, is he the big man of South Street, the one who says everything in South Street, the one who makes South Street tremble when he stamps his foot?"

                "Who else could it be but him?"

                "If this is really Master Tiger, then I would believe him even if he said that he owns all the houses in Shengshihuatian!"

                There was a lot of discussion among the people, and they all looked at Master Tiger with fear in their eyes.

                It couldn't be helped, Master Tiger's reputation was widely known.

                With Chen Shengyuan backing him up, even the Ten Families were unwilling to go against him, so it was clear how strong he was.

                Xu Hanxia's face was full of surprise, she did not expect that a purchasing manager of a medicinal herb company would have such an identity.

                Ping was on the verge of tears, of course she had heard of Master Tiger's name.

                But who would have thought that this tiger who was treating Lin Mo with respect and deference would be Master Tiger!

                If she had known this, how would she dare to be disrespectful to Master Tiger?

                "You ...... are really Master Tiger?" Ping trembled and asked.

                "What do you think?" Tiger asked in return.

                Ping shivered and could barely stand up, "Master Tiger, I ...... have eyes that are not aware of Mt. Tai, you ...... are magnanimous, spare ...... me for once ......"

                Tiger did not say anything, looked at Lin Mo, waiting for Lin Mo's verdict.

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, looking at Ping's fearful appearance. All the resentment from just now was all spat out at this moment.

                "Alright, you go and entertain the guests first."

                "This is Mr Xu's bestie, save face for someone!"

                Lin Mo laughed.

                "Okay!" Tiger immediately nodded respectfully, "Mr. Lin, Mrs. Lin, then I will go upstairs to entertain the guests first."

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly stood up, "Master Tiger, take care."

                Tiger shivered in fear and hurriedly said, "Aiya, Madam Lin, you mustn't call me that, you're bending me over!"

                "From now on, you can just call me Tiger, don't ever call me that, I can't afford it."

                Xu Hanxia was dumbfounded, this was Master Tiger.

                The entire Xu Pharmaceuticals, people wouldn't even put it in their eyes, how come they were so respectful to her?

                Tiger respectfully left and Xu Hanxia looked at Lin Mo.

                "What's going on?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "I saved his life!"

                "You?" Xu Hanxia was bewildered, "How did you save him?"

                Lin Mo: "You forgot, I work in a hospital. He came to me for medical treatment, so I cured him!"

                Xu Hanxia was even more confused, it was true that Lin Mo worked at the hospital, but he was only a cleaning lady.

                Lin Mo hadn't studied medicine, how could he save people?

                Adding to the previous incident with Nanba Tian, Xu Hanxia looked at Lin Mo with suspicion, always feeling that Lin Mo was hiding something from himself.

                Lin Mo's expression was bland, and he did not explain to Xu Hanxia.

                He was carrying a deep blood feud, and the matter of his family being destroyed had not yet been investigated, so Lin Mo did not want to reveal his situation yet.

                Even if it was Xu Hanxia, Lin Mo did not want to tell her either.

                This kind of thing, once Xu Hanxia knew about it, might even implicate her.

Chapter 146

It took a while for Peter and Ping to regain their composure after the tiger had gone.

                But both were now embarrassed beyond belief.

                Peter's high-flying identity had been revealed and he had become a clownish liar.

                Although Xu Hanxia didn't say anything, the crowd around them were constantly gawking at this side.

                There were constant whispers, clearly laughing at Peter.

                Ping was on pins and needles and could not wait to get out of here.

                As she was thinking about leaving, another group of people came in the door.

                At the head of the group was a young man dressed in Versace, with an arrogant face.

                Ping's eyes lit up and she immediately got up and called out, "Young Zhou, Young Zhou!"

                The youth glanced at him and wiped the corner of his mouth with a hint of disdain, ignoring Ping Ping and directly preparing to go upstairs.

                Ping Ping was in a hurry and hurriedly grabbed Xu Hanxia: "Hanxia, come, let me introduce you to young Zhou!"

                Zhou Shao only saw Xu Hanxia at this moment, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

                The footsteps that had just stepped out, directly retracted and walked straight to this table.

                "It's you!" Zhou Shao greeted Ping with a smile, but his gaze stayed on Xu Hanxia.

                "Young Zhou, long time no see!" Ping had a sarcastic smile on her face, "What have you been up to lately?"

                Mr Zhou ignored her and kept looking at Xu Hanxia: "Who is this young lady?"

                "Oh, this is my best friend, Xu Hanxia!" Ping laughed, "Xu Hanxia of the Xu Group, Zhou Shao, you should have heard of her."

                Zhou Shao pondered for a moment, "Xu Hanxia!?"

                "Isn't that the former number one beauty of Guangyang?"

                "The one who later recruited a door-to-door son-in-law, who is said to be a loser and eats soft food all day long?"

                Ping laughed: "That's right!"

                "It seems that Mr. Zhou is quite concerned about Hanxia!"

                "Hanxia, this young Zhou is the heir of the Zhou family, one of the ten largest families in Guangyang City."

                The crowd around exclaimed, the heir of the Zhou family, that was not a simple identity.

                Zhou Shao laughed loudly, "A fair lady, a gentleman is good at martyrdom."

                "A beautiful woman like Miss Xu, of course I care."

                "Miss Xu, how are you, my name is Zhou Ze, it's an honor to meet you!"

                Zhou Shao said, directly extending his hand, intending to shake Xu Hanxia's hand.

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly moved behind Lin Mo: "Hello, Young Zhou."

                Only then did Zhou Ze see Lin Mo and sneered.

                "Miss Xu, I have a private room upstairs."

                "Why don't we go upstairs for a chat?"

                "It just so happens that our Zhou family has recently planned to do some business in medicine."

                "Or, we can cooperate with Xu's Pharmaceutical!"

                Lin Mo said directly, "No need."

                "Xu's Pharmaceutical has been doing a lot of business recently and can't take on other business."

                Zhou Ze glanced at Ping, who immediately said, "Lin Mo, shut up!"

                "Do you know what the status of young Zhou is?"

                "Don't think that just because you know Master Tiger on South Street, you dare to talk to Young Master Zhou like that!"

                Hearing these words, Zhou Ze immediately snorted with laughter.

                "So you're the South Street Tiger's little brother!"

                "Even if the tiger sees me, he still has to be polite. What are you, daring to talk to me like that?"

                "What does it matter to you if I talk to Miss Xu?"

                "Someone, throw him out!"

                A few people from the back rushed straight over and surrounded Lin Mo in an aggressive manner.

                Xu Hanxia was a little anxious: "You guys ...... what do you want?"

                "Nothing!" Lin Mo waved his hand and smiled lightly, "This is Yipin Xuan."

                "If you want to get rough here, don't you ask the owner of Yipin Xuan for permission?"

                Zhou Shao sneered, "What's wrong with Yipin Xuan?"

                "I'm a platinum member of First Class Xuan!"

                "I'm going to tell you to get lost, and the owner of One Piece Xuan will personally kick you out!"