Medical Genius Chapter 1439

 Mr. Yang hurriedly said, "Ms. Fang, you must not be polite."

                "These furniture and appliances, which don't cost much, are a bit of a token of my appreciation and a housewarming gift for you all."

                "Besides, you don't have to worry about matching them."

                "These furniture and appliances, which I ordered in advance, match perfectly with the decoration in here!"

                Fang Hui Xu Jian Gong looked at each other and smiled, they knew that Mr. Yang was doing everything for Lin Mo's sake.

                However, this also made them very comfortable.

                In a house like this, you definitely can't buy cheap furniture and appliances.

                For a building with furniture and appliances, that must be at least a few tens of millions.

                The two of them were happy to save this amount of money.

                Yang made a phone call, and it didn't take long for several lorries to arrive at the door, all of them coming for delivery.

                The trucks were loaded with all kinds of furniture and home appliances, and at a glance, Xu Jiangong knew that they were worth a lot of money.

                After all, Mr. Yang had planned to make this place a clubhouse in the first place, so he would definitely not buy cheap things.

                The furniture, all of which were high-end solid wood, were worth several million dollars alone.

                The home appliances are relatively much cheaper, but the ones that Mr. Yang bought are still the best.

                Together, these appliances were worth more than a million, far more than Xu Jiankong and Fang Hui had expected.

                After those people had moved all these furniture and appliances in, all the house immediately gave a new look and feel.

                Li Lin looked at the spacious and comfortable house and was envious.

                She couldn't even dream of such a house.

                Suddenly, Fang Hui looked at Li Lin, "Right, Lin Lin, you pick a house to live in first."

                Li Lin's eyes widened and she hurriedly waved her hand, "Auntie Fang, this ...... is not appropriate."

                "It's already my good fortune that I can work for you, I ...... I ...... how can I live in such a luxurious house, this ...... this is not suitable ......"

                Fang Hui smiled, "Gee, just don't be polite."

                "I'll give you this, not only are you going to live here, but the rest of the pharmacy staff, in the future, are going to live here as well."

                "Your Uncle Xu and I have already discussed it, this will be our pharmacy's staff dormitory!"

                "This way, it also saves us from having to rent a house elsewhere as a dormitory, killing two birds with one stone."

                Li Lin was dumbfounded and said in a trembling voice, "Auntie Fang, Uncle Xu, you ...... have taken such a luxurious house and used it as a staff dormitory?"

                Fang Hui laughed, "What, that's not okay?"

                Li Lin hurriedly said, "No, I ...... I mean, staff dormitory, how can you live in such a luxurious house?"

                "Auntie Fang, those staff dormitories outside are all rented out to some rather shabby houses, and the monthly rent is only two to three thousand yuan."

                "A house like this, rented out, the monthly rent starts from at least 10,000."

                "Such a house as staff dormitory, this is too wasteful!"

                Xu Jiangong said, "What's the waste of giving your own house to your own staff to live in?"

                "As long as you work well, this treatment and so on, we will certainly not treat you badly!"

                "Besides, you call us aunts and uncles, we have to take care of you too, no matter what."

                "Alright, Linlin, go and pick a flat to live in."

                "Right, the top floor stays, so that when your Auntie Fang and I come to the provincial capital in the future, we can have a place to stay."

                Li Lin's eyes were moist, following Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui, she felt a warmth she had never felt before.

                Next to her, Xu Hanxia hugged Lin Mo's arm, her heart was also warm.

                "Lin Mo, Mom and Dad are much kinder than before!"

                Xu Hanxia whispered.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and nodded, the changes in Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were unexpected, but they also made him very satisfied.