Medical Genius Chapter 1438

 The bald man directly collapsed to the ground.

                He couldn't even afford to mess with General Manager Yang, let alone Ma Tiancheng and the Ten Families.

                He simply couldn't imagine what kind of existence he had provoked here!

                Even General Manager Yang had been kneeling all night, so did he need to say anything about the outcome?

                Next to him was Fu Man, who was so remorseful that his intestines turned blue.

                This incident, after all, was caused by her deliberately mocking Li Lin in order to show her superiority in front of her classmates.

                However, how could she have imagined that the people around Li Lin were so capable.

                At that time, when she saw Li Lin and these people together, she thought that these people were Li Lin's relatives, and she didn't even put these people in her eyes.

                As a result, she had gotten herself into trouble with such a big shot, so she had really brought this on herself this time!

                If she had known about this, she might have been able to take advantage of the opportunity to hook up with Li Lin if she had pulled a classmate relationship with her.

                However, it was too late to talk about this now.

                What Fu Man had to think about now was how she could get through the matter at hand.

                When Mr. Yang came back, he would definitely not let her go, and she was now shivering with fear.

                On the other hand, General Manager Yang led Lin Mo and the others to the first floor.

                Only when they arrived here did Lin Mo and the others finally understand why this No. 1 building was of the highest value.

                This No. 1 building was just a low-storey townhouse, not very tall.

                However, it occupied the best location in the entire district.

                In front of Building No. 1 was a huge man-made lake, which was the best view in the district.

                And below the first building, a large garden is enclosed, which belongs exclusively to the first building.

                Whether it's the light, the outside decoration, or the design inside, it's all top of the line.

                Although the crowd had not yet entered the house to see it, they were all attracted by the outside environment.

                Fang Hui lamented, "The environment here is really nice, it's a match for our Shengshi Mansion over there."

                Xu Jiangong also nodded repeatedly, it was not easy to compare the environment of this kind of community with that kind of villa area.

                Mr. Yang smiled with the crowd and introduced the surroundings and the configuration of the community.

                After that, Mr. Yang took the crowd into the first building.

                After entering, Lin Mo and the others realised that the first building had been completely renovated.

                Of course, only the hard decoration was done, the furniture and appliances and such, had not been moved in yet.

                Fang Hui was surprised: "This house of yours, you lived in it before?"

                "How come it's all decorated?"

                Mr. Yang waved his hand in a hurry, "Ms. Fang, you misunderstood, this is a new house, no one has lived in it."

                "This building, I bought it and originally planned to set up a clubhouse or something like that, to invite friends over for tea and parties sometimes."

                "So, it was specially and carefully decorated, but it really hasn't been lived in."

                Only then did Fang Hui nod in satisfaction, "That's not bad."

                "You spent a lot of money on this decoration, didn't you?"

                Yang smiled sarcastically and waved his hand, "Not much, not much."

                "The most important thing is that you guys like it."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was quite satisfied, as for Li Lin, her eyes were blurred, she had never seen such a beautiful house before.

                As for Lin Mo, he didn't even care about these things.

                Even if this house was well decorated, it was no match for Wangjiang Garden!

                The most important thing was the attitude of this General Manager Yang, he had to make him submissive.

                In the future, this General Manager Yang, as well as Ma Tiancheng, would become the people who worked for him on this side of the provincial city.

                After Yang followed the crowd around the building, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was extremely satisfied and kept nodding his head.

                Seeing that they were satisfied, Mr. Yang also breathed a long sigh of relief. He knew that his life had been saved!

                He accompanied the few people to the door and smiled sarcastically, "Mr. Lin, if you few have no objections to the decoration inside, then I'll have someone send in the furniture and appliances and such?"

                Fang Hui's eyes widened, slightly embarrassed, "This ...... is not suitable, is it?"

                "In the future we live here, furniture and appliances, we should buy them ourselves ah ......"