Medical Genius Chapter 1437

 A fine aura flashed in Chief Yang's eyes as he immediately nodded, "Yes, Mr. Lin!"

                Then he turned to the bald man, "Fucking son of a bitch, you've got a lot of nerve."

                "You even dare to mess with Mr. Lin, are you fucking tired of living?"

                The bald man's face was pale and he said in a trembling voice, "Brother Yong, I ...... really don't know Mr. Lin."

                "If I knew he was your friend, how ...... would I dare to provoke him?"

                "Brother Yong, it's me who really didn't know, you ...... give me a chance, spare me, I won't dare next time ......"

                The bald man was almost on his knees as he spoke.

                However, Mr. Yang simply ignored him and waved his hand directly, "Someone, drag this son of a bitch down to me first."

                A few men came up and dragged the bald man away without a word.

                Fu Man stood next to him, shivering in fear, not daring to say a word.

                At that moment, Fang Hui suddenly came over and pointed at Fu Man, "And her, she was so sharp-tongued just now, she cursed me several times."

                "Called us liars and said we were shameless."

                Chief Yang immediately said, "There's still such a thing?"

                "Ms Fang, don't worry, I will give you a satisfactory answer!"

                Then he waved his hand again and had someone drag Fu Man down.

                Fu Man struggled desperately and cried out, but no one paid any attention to her.

                Her beauty, which she was so proud of before, was no longer of the slightest use here.

                The bald man and Fu Man were dragged to the security room, where Yang's men were in charge of the property of the district.

                As soon as they entered, they were pressed to the ground and not allowed to stand at all.

                The bald man knew a few of them and he cried out, "Brothers, we ...... are all our own people, why is this necessary?"

                "How about you guys help me plead with Mr. Yang, consider me to owe you guys a favor, how about that?"

                A man shook his head and said, "Baldy, you'd better forget about it."

                "If it were any other matter, we could still help you beg for Mr. Yang."

                "But this time, even Mr. Yang himself can't make the decision."

                "If we don't teach you a lesson, Mr. Yang won't be able to explain to Mr. Lin at all!"

                The bald man's eyes widened, the word accountable made him near despair.

                What exactly was this Lin Mo's status that General Manager Yang still had to give him an explanation?

                The bald man was silent for a moment, then suddenly gritted his teeth and said, "Brothers, what the hell is going on with this ......?"

                "This Mr. Lin, in the end, what kind of person is he?"

                "Can you guys tell me about it, even if I have to die, I ...... have to let me die to understand, right?"

                The men looked at each other, and one of them said in a deep voice, "We are not too sure about Mr. Lin's identity."

                "However, I can tell you about it."

                "Yesterday, when Mr. Lin was having dinner, Mr. Yang knelt next to him all night, just because he had offended Mr. Lin's wife and father-in-law."

                The bald man's eyes were staring out, a big shot like General Manager Yang had knelt next to him all night?

                This Lin Mo, who the hell is he?

                Another man immediately took over, "Not only that."

                "Let me tell you, last night, if Master Ma Tiancheng Ma hadn't personally helped to plead for mercy, this matter, probably hasn't been settled yet!"

                The bald man was directly confused and said in a trembling voice, "Ma ...... Master Ma also knows that Mr. Lin?"

                The man sneered, "More than that?"

                "Even Master Ma would have to be respectful in front of Mr. Lin."

                "Baldy, I don't mean to be rude, but who do you want to mess with but Mr. Lin?"

                "I heard that before, even the heads of the ten families had to be respectful and polite when they saw Mr. Lin."

                "What kind of a person are you, daring to call Mr. Lin's bluff and make a move? I think you're really tired of living!"