Medical Genius Chapter 1436

 Mr. Yang bent over with a sarcastic smile, "Mr. Xu, Ms. Fang, I ...... I actually live around here."

                "I just got word that you four were here, so I ran all the way over here."

                "Not entertaining thoughtfully, sorry, sorry."

                Nowadays, this General Manager Yang was really convinced.

                If it wasn't for Ma Tiancheng personally begging for mercy yesterday, this life of his would probably have been over.

                After learning the identities of Lin Mo and the Crown Prince, he had no resentment towards these people, but was instead glad that he had managed to pick up a life.

                When he received a phone call just now and learned that someone was coming to his No. 1 building, he guessed then that it was Lin Mo and the others who were coming.

                So he ran over at the first opportunity, not daring to hesitate in the slightest.

                Fang Hui said curiously, "But that bald guy, what did he say about Brother Yong just now?"

                Chief Yang hastily smiled along, "Ms Fang, my nickname is Yang Yong."

                "Many people over here who know me, call me Brother Yong."

                Fang Hui suddenly realised, "Oh, after all is said and done, you are Brother Yong, Brother Yong is you."

                "Hey, I was shocked, I thought you had tricked us into giving us this whatever Brother Yong's house was."

                Mr Yang almost pissed himself in fear and hurriedly said, "Ms Fang, you've misunderstood."

                "How would I dare to do such a thing?"

                "I wouldn't dare lie to anyone, not even to you guys."

                "Even if you lend me a few more guts, I wouldn't dare to say half a word of nonsense to you all!"

                The bald man and Fu Man stood at the back, both of them completely stunned by this scene.

                The fact that General Manager Yang had just bowed to Lin Mo and the others was already enough to shock him.

                However, now, looking at the sincere and frightened attitude of General Manager Yang, they were even more dumbfounded.

                They had to know that this Mr. Yang was a big shot in the provincial capital.

                In normal days, even with bigwigs like Ma Tiancheng, he would talk and laugh, and had never been so lowly.

                And now, he was standing in front of these few people, so humble that he was almost on the verge of kneeling on the ground, what was the situation?

                Lin Mo: "In that case, the first floor is, indeed, your house, huh?"

                General Manager Yang hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, it was my house before, but it is no longer."

                "I have already transferred the houses to you, now, you are the owner of these houses!"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly as he looked at the bald man and Fu Man behind him, "Now, do you two have any questions?"

                The bald man and Fu Man were pale, they had heard clearly that Yang had really transferred Building One to Lin Mo and the others.

                The two of them were almost vomiting blood now, although they didn't know what the identities of Lin Mo and the others really were.

                However, if they could make even General Manager Yang so respectful, then they were certainly not ordinary people.

                They had actually offended such a big shot, wasn't this seeking death?

                Looking at the two men's expressions, Chief Yang immediately said, "Mr. Lin, this bastard son of a bitch, he wouldn't have rushed you, would he?"

                "What did he do, just tell me, I'll teach him a lesson right away!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "You taught him a lesson?"

                "I heard that he's your buddy!"

                Chief Yang disdainfully brushed his mouth, "Mr. Lin, you've misunderstood."

                "This son of a bitch is just a little ruffian who wants to follow me to make a living, I just didn't care about him."

                "He and I have only met, not even been friends, let alone buddies?"

                "Besides, even if he was my buddy, if he dared to offend Mr. Lin, I would definitely not tolerate it!"

                Lin Mo laughed as he gently patted Mr. Yang's shoulder, "Mr. Yang is indeed a quick-witted person."

                "Fine, it's not a big deal."

                "It's just that he just insulted my mother-in-law and attacked me."

                "Since this is your place, this person, let's leave him to you!"